Automate your payment and reconciliation process to improve controls and compliance with your purchasing policy and streamline productivity for you and your suppliers.

vPayment is a virtual expense management solution designed to help you reduce costs in your organisation. vPayment provides enhanced control of all spend down to exact amounts and dates, with your own unique references and buyer-specified references - making reconciliation problems and errors a thing of the past. vPayment enables you to generate single-use transaction numbers that facilitate electronic payment for goods and services. This reduces paperwork, provides an opportunity for online analysis of spending, and enhances security.

Increase control and compliance

  • Determine exactly when your suppliers get paid
  • Control how much a supplier can charge per purchase order or invoice
  • Automate reconciliation by capturing enhanced data

Easy for suppliers

Any supplier accepting American Express can also accept vPayment transactions.

Your suppliers also benefit from vPayment:

  • Receive payments more quickly, providing cashflow benefits
  • Mitigate risk of non payment
  • Maintain current processes, the supplier simply follows the standard authorisation and settlement process to get paid.

Improve Productivity

vPayment is configured to meet your company’s unique needs. Whether you need a solution integrated within your ordering system or a web-based, on-demand tool, or both, you can reduce the manual effort associated with purchasing, payment and reconciliation.