Business Travel Account (How it works)

Business Travel Account is the virtual American Express card issued to the Company to be used with leading business travel and event agencies* as well as other type of vendors. Beyond Business Travel

As soon as the BTA is issued agency starts using it to book all the Company expenses on business travel, event or other related costs. In the end of 1 month billing period Company receives statement from the American Express Bank customized according to Company needs. The statement needs to be paid in 28 days which overall provides up to 58 days grace period credit line. Statement is provided in paper and/or electronic format and it’s already reconciled with agency data.

travel management company

Business travel account:

  • Designed to consolidate travel, event and other expenses
  • Capture multiple references to enhance reconciliation process
  • Available globally – consistent product features and benefits
  • Standardized billing and settlement
  • Significantly improve cash flow
  • One simple monthly view of travel costs
  • Control of who books travel
  • Data file to upload into internal systems

* can be used only with TMCs companies which are certified by American Express