Many companies consider processing payments as unavoidable cost of doing business. We see it as an opportunity. For over 40 years, we’re worked directly with businesses of all sizes to understand their evolving needs and offer them ways to identify real financial benefits, transform less efficient processes and get more from their spend.

Our expense management product such as Business Travel Account allows:

  • Increase visibility
    • Capture better data
    • Run customized reports
    • Help minimize fraud potential
  • Enhance and control compliance
    • Fully reconcile invoices prior to payment
    • Set spend and authorization limits for charges
  • Improve working capital
    • Help increase float
    • Extend payment terms
  • Improve travel agency and supplier relationships
    • Accelerate payment speed
    • Ensure booking on corporate rates with hotels
  • Simplify process
    • Reduce the volume of paperwork and number of invoices
    • Improve reconciliation
  • Provide new value to corporate business travelers
    • Use travel accident and travel inconvenience complimentary insurance

American Express partnering with industry leaders in business travel and event management. Business Travel Account is accepted only by certified agencies to ensure the highest data quality and process efficiency.

American Express designees and continuously improve its products based on the voice of the customer. Business Travel Account is the product which was designed based on feedback of leading international companies Procurement and Finance leaders and specifically adopted to Russian regulations and practices.

American Express in Russia had an on-field account management and customer support team which helps us to ensure the highest service quality to our Customers. Please contact American Express to receive detailed information about our products and services.

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