Accepted Across Singapore
& Around the World

American Express® Corporate Cards and Purchasing Solutions for B2B purchases are business ready, with a strong foundation of acceptance that enables you to do more business, anywhere you do business.

The Truth About Acceptance

American Express Is Accepted Worldwide

A common misconception is that American Express is not accepted around the world. The truth is that American Express has acceptance* in every UN country except those sanctioned by the US Government**.

* Acceptance is defined as having at least one accepting location in each UN country ( as confirmed on the 20th February 2014
** Department of Treasury as published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The American Express Network Is Expanding

American Express continues to successfully acquire network locations across the globe. In fact, more than 1 million new merchants* were added to our proprietary merchant network** and our number of banking partnerships has also increased.

If your Company has a supplier you’d like to do business with using your American Express Corporate Card, don’t hesitate to refer them.

Recommend a New Merchant

* GMS results Tracking and Reporting report for 2011-2013
** Global Merchant Services (GMS) only

Suppliers Readily Accept American Express B2B Payments

A myth about B2B payments is that the cost of accepting American Express for large transaction payments greatly limits B2B acceptance among suppliers. The truth is that the pricing models of Purchasing Solutions from American Express is often more straightforward than competitor rates, which can include multiple fees. American Express also offers discount rates for approved industries.