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Getting Started

Card Activation
& Security

Activate Your Card

If you haven’t already activated your Corporate Card, one of our representatives will gladly help set up your account. You can reach us by calling 1800 732 2566. Or you can register your Card here.

Secure Your Corporate Card

As part of an industry wide effort to enhance Card security, you are required to activate the magnetic stripe on your Corporate Card. This is to enable magnetic stripe transactions at overseas merchants or cash withdrawals at ATMs that do not have EMV (Chip Card) terminals to process transactions. Activation of magnetic stripe Cards can be done for a specific date - or for an indefinite period. To activate your magnetic stripe Card:

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General Card Security Measures

In general, you can help to ensure the safety of your Card by:

  • Signing your Corporate Card as soon as you receive it
  • Always ensuring that your Corporate Card is returned to you by a merchant after use
  • Not releasing your Card number to anyone
  • Keeping the magnetic strip on the back of the Card away from loose change, magnetic objects and other cards to avoid it being deactivated
  • Ensuring that you are only making online purchases on secure websites
Card Account

Sign up for Online Services

Manage Your Card Account is a secure and convenient way for you to access your account from wherever you may be, 24/7. Online Services gives you the ability to:

  • Keep a record of your transactions
  • Access current and historical statements
  • Pay your bill – if necessary
  • Access PDF statements
  • Enrol in e-mail and/or text message Account Alerts
  • Enrol in Online-Only Statements
  • Track and redeem Membership Rewards points online

Sign in to or Create an Account

Access Your Account Virtually Anytime, Anywhere

The American Express Mobile app allows you to easily and conveniently:

  • View statements and recent activity
  • Make payments, if needed
  • Reduce risk with instant fraud alerts

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Card Benefits
& Loyalty Programmes

Learn More About Your Card Benefits

Corporate Cards come equipped with a variety of benefits designed to help you do business easier when at home or aboard. Review your Card benefits to get a good understanding of the services and support available to you. Click to learn more about your Corporate Card:

American Express® Corporate Card

American Express® Corporate Gold Card

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Enrol in the Membership Rewards Programme

You can be rewarded every time you use your Corporate Card. To start earning points, you need to enrol in the Membership Rewards programme. Once enrolled, every $1.60 of eligible spend charged to the Corporate Card will automatically earn 1 Membership Rewards point that can be redeemed for a wide range of shopping, travel and other services as well as attractive merchandise1. Contact your Programme Administrator for more information.

Card Member Getting Started
Benefit Terms

1. Membership Rewards: Membership Rewards enrolment required (an annual fee applies). Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards programme. Your Company must allow participation in Membership Rewards to be eligible to enrol. Enrolment to the programme is not automatic and an annual fee applies. You must enrol yourself and cannot delegate someone else in your Company to do so on your behalf. For full Terms and Conditions visit