Make Corporate Spending More Rewarding

American Express® Corporate Cards come with rewards that can add to your company bottom line and reward use. Explore the value of a Card that’s more rewarding.

Company-level Rewards & Savings

Rewards for Your Business

American Express Corporate Membership Rewards® enables your company to earn points on all business expenses, across multiple Cards. Points accumulate in a single company account and can be redeemed for a variety of corporate rewards1. To get the most out of your rewards programme, charge all your business expenses from travel to accommodation, utilities or phone bills to enrolled Corporate Cards and earn 1 point per $1.60 spent. Corporate Membership Rewards allows you to:

  • Retain the Membership Rewards points even when an employee leaves the Company
  • Maintain control over the number of Cards and employee(s) enrolled in the programme
  • Accelerate your company’s redemption potential faster, with multiple Cards enrolled earning points quickly in Corporate Membership Rewards

How to Redeem Corporate Membership Rewards

For an annual membership fee of S$75 per Card, the Corporate Membership Rewards programme lets you:

  • Redeem points for credit on your Company’s Card Statement
  • Redeem points for gift cards and a wide selection of reward items
  • Earn points that do not have an expiry date
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Employee Rewards & Savings

The Benefits of Employee Rewards

The option to earn rewards encourages employees to use their Cards, whilst giving your company full visibility of business spend. This allows you to capture more comprehensive spending data, effectively monitor spending patterns, and reduce paperwork and processes associated with reimbursements.

Membership Rewards®

The Membership Rewards2 option incentivizes employees to use the Card with premium reward options for their corporate spend. Corporate Card Members can earn up to one point for every S$1.60 charged to their American Express Corporate Cards. They can also earn 1 Membership Rewards point for every S$1.00 spent with the Singapore Airlines Group³.

Points can be redeemed for travel, shopping, recreation or home rewards. Membership Rewards points have no expiry date.

Live the World with American Express

Live the World brings Card Members a world of privileges with an exciting selection of year-round offers and savings. Whether in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada or Singapore, just to name a few, Card Members will enjoy exceptional value and great savings on dining, lodging and more*. Get exceptional value and superb choices with:

  • Exclusive travel discounts in Singapore and worldwide
  • Discounts and offers at entertainment venues and restaurants
  • Shopping discounts

All Card Members have access to Live the World offers and discounts on dining, lodging and more in selected countries around the globe.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Rewards & Savings Programmes
Benefit Terms

1. Corporate Membership Rewards®: a. Except for promotional offers and the exclusions stated below, spend on Cards enrolled in the Programme will earn one (1) Corporate Membership Rewards point for every S$1.60 billed to a valid and enrolled Card Account that is in good standing at the time of billing. Points cannot be transferred to any other Corporate or individual Membership Rewards Programme Account. Points will not be accrued for charges processed, billed or prepaid prior to the Enrolment Date; cash advances, Corporate Cash, Express Cash, Foreign Exchange or any other cash services or transactions; American Express travellers cheques; fees and charges for dishonoured payments; finance charges; fees and charges, including without limitation joining fees, Card fees, Corporate Membership Rewards Programme fees, late payment charges or foreign exchange fees; charges in relation to promotional offers that are excluded from points accrual; charges for which we do not receive payment in full for any reason; balances transferred from other Card Accounts; and any credits that are posted to a Card Account, including those arising from returned goods or services or from billing disputes.
b. A company may participate in the Corporate Membership Rewards Programme and open a Programme Account subject to approval from American Express. A Programme Account cannot be linked to an individual Membership Rewards Programme Account. American Express® Corporate Gold Card and American Express® Corporate Green Card are eligible for enrolment. A company must enrol the Card(s) it wishes to earn points under the Programme. Annual fee for participation in the Programme is S$75 per Card, inclusive of GST, that is enrolled in the Programme.
c. There is no expiry date for points earned while in the Programme as long as the company Corporate Card Account remains active and is in good standing. If a company cancels the Programme Account, the company will have 30 days from the day of cancellation to redeem any points accrued in the Account. Any points accrued in the Programme Account but not redeemed within 30 days will be forfeited and will not be capable of transfer, conversion or redemption.
For full Corporate Membership Rewards terms, please go to

2. Membership Rewards®: a. An annual Membership Rewards fee applies and enrolment is not automatic. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards programme available here.
b. Shopping Vouchers are issued subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Shopping Voucher issuers.
c. Points will be awarded as long as your Card Account remains valid and enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme, and provided it remains in good standing and is not cancelled for any reason. If you cancel your enrolment from the Membership Rewards programme, you must redeem any points within 30 days of cancellation; otherwise the points will be forfeited. If your Card Account is cancelled or terminated, any points in your Membership Rewards account will be forfeited on the date of account termination.

3. 1 Membership Reward point will accrue for every full S$1.00 spent with the Singapore Airlines Group, charged and billed on the Corporate Card Account. The increase in the Membership Rewards earn rate applies only to Singapore Airlines Group spend and for American Express Corporate Cardmembers who are enrolled in the Membership Rewards Programme for individual (and not corporate) Membership Rewards.