Frequently Asked Questions About American Express® Corporate Cards

Getting started

How Do I Become a Corporate Card Member?

Please call us at +65 6507 7599 or complete the enquiry form.

Where Can I Use My Card?

Whether it’s a quick lunch, buying business supplies or entertaining clients, an American Express Corporate Card programme can meet all of your business needs. American Express is accepted at millions of places around the world where businesses spend. And the list is growing constantly.

American Express has a team of experts that works to understand your needs and which suppliers are important to your success. We’ll also tailor an expense management strategy that can save you money whilst ensuring your business needs are met. American Express has developed integrated expense management solutions and Corporate Card programs for all kinds of businesses. We understand the complexities of operating locally or on a global scale and bring an exceptional level of business expertise to your Corporate Card needs.

For What Can I Use My Card?

You can use your Corporate Card to settle reoccurring and one-off transactions ranging from T&E expenses to core suppliers' invoices.

How Is an American Express Charge Card Different From a Credit Card?

A charge Card requires full settlement of the account to be made by the due date noted on your monthly statement. As long as the full balance is settled, there is no interest or APR.

What Am I Liable for If My Corporate Card Is Lost or Stolen?

You must advise American Express Customer Services as soon as you realise your Card has gone missing. Programme Administrators and Corporate Card Members can reach Customer Services on 1800 732 2566.

How Long Is a Corporate Card Valid?

Your American Express Corporate Card is valid for two years, providing you keep to our payment terms and have a continued business need. Renewal Cards are sent out six weeks before the expiry date of your Card. Once activated, your new Card is ready to use straight away.

Can a Corporate Card Be Used as a Telephone Calling Card?

Yes, if the telephone you are using accepts charge Cards, such as BT cards, you can use your American Express Corporate Card to pay for the cost of the call in the normal way. The charges will appear on your statement.

Cards Specifics & Benefits

How Can American Express Help Me Improve Business Cash Flow Management?

The American Express Corporate Card programme offers up to 55 credit-free days. This gives you the ability to pay your bills in a manner that is timely enough to maintain and strengthen relations with suppliers, whilst giving you the breathing space to await incoming funds.

One of the most important financial considerations for any company is cash flow. Lack of cash flow management is one of the major causes of business stress and an inability to pay bills on time can be harmful to relationships with suppliers. It's not always easy to manage cash flow due to factors such as seasonal fluctuations and delayed customer payments. This is why it is integral to have a partner that offers flexibility.

Actual credit-free period will vary based on the date of charge and the billing cycle cut-off date.

How Can I Streamline My Reconciliation Process?

American Express @ Work® Corporate Account Reconciliation gives you greater control and simplifies spending processes. This easy-to-implement, web-based solution integrates your programme with your back-end financial system and improves the accuracy of your financial data. This solution is designed to:

  • Automate your entire reconciliation process

  • Increase control and accuracy of accounting and cost allocations

  • Post transactions daily and save time

  • Interface to back-end financial system

American Express can help your company transition from a high-cost, decentralised purchasing process to a low-cost, centralised process that offers tremendous efficiencies.

How Can I Access Unsecured Finance?

In the current marketplace, it’s common for companies to be asset rich but cash poor. Raising capital through the sale of assets may damage a business, and borrowing against collateral can be considered to be risky.

The American Express Corporate Card programme allows you to access a corporate credit facility at a minimal cost and, in most circumstances, without the need for additional collateral or security.


What Is The Membership Rewards Programme?

Corporate Membership Rewards allows a business to earn up to 1 point for every S$1.60 of corporate spend across a multitude of Cards. Points accumulate at company level, you can redeem points for travel and business needs to drive a variety of tangible savings.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the Corporate Membership Rewards programme.

How Do Check My Membership Rewards Points Balance and/or Redeem My Points?

The easiest way to do this is to log on to our secure website. You can also access your Membership Rewards information via our automated telephone system or by speaking with a customer service representative.

Contact Us

How Can I Contact American Express?

Programme Administrators and Corporate Card Members can reach Customer Services on
1800 732 2566.