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Access all of the information you need to easily and conveniently
keep up with your Corporate Card account and any payments
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for step-by-step account information.

Manage Your Card Account Preferences

Get More Out of Your Account Management

Manage Your Card Account allows you to keep up with your Card activity and easily manage your account online or on your mobile device. Once enrolled, you can:

  • View your statements
  • Make payments
  • Set up email or mobile alerts for payment reminders and balance updates*
  • Dispute or inquire about charges

Sign in to Your Account

Learn More About the AMEX Mobile App

*This service is only available with select cell phone providers. Details are available within Online Services on the Account Alert Preferences page. Your mobile phone service provider may apply fees to incoming text messages. Please contact your provider for further details.

Access Online-Only Statements

If you’re like many Corporate Card Members, you’re always on the go and need tools that help make business management more efficient.
Online Statements provides monthly statements online so you can access statement and account information from anywhere in the world, 24/7, via the Internet. This brings greater convenience, speed and simplicity to your day-to-day expense management. With this service you can:

  • Receive your statement faster and more securely than through paper statements
  • Download your monthly expense data into many accounting programs for easier expense tracking

You must register for Online-Only Statements to access your monthly billing statement online and receive a monthly email to remind you that your statement is ready to view.

Card Payments

Corporate Card Renewal

Your Corporate Card is valid for the period indicated on the face of your Card. Shortly before the Card is due to expire, a replacement Corporate Card will be issued provided your Account is in good standing.

Payment When Away for an Extended Period

If you are away for an extended period of time, please ensure your payments are up–to–date and your account remains in good standing by either:

  • Making payments online or on your mobile through Manage Your Card Account
  • Arranging for your Statement of Account to be forwarded to where you are staying
  • Authorising your bank, professional colleague or a family member to pay your Account for you
  • Estimating what you reasonably expect to spend whilst you are away and pre-paying that amount

Paying your Corporate Card Account

Each month you need to pay in full the ‘Amount Due’ that is indicated on your Statement of Account. You can pay in a variety of ways, including:

  • Interbank GIRO
  • By mail with a cheque
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Recurring Billing for select merchants (StarHub, M1, Seraya Energy, Tuas Power, F&N Coca Cola', Pacific Internet, and QALA)

As the Corporate Card is a charge card, your Account needs to be settled in full each month or late payment charges will apply. Please refer to the Applications, Forms & Policy Downloads for Card Member Terms and Conditions and Recurring Billing applications.