Your Account Configuration

Account Hierarchy

Corporate Card hierarchy is the name given to the structure or operational framework of the Corporate Card Account. The hierarchy always includes two elements:

  • Corporate IDs (CID) or Control Accounts

  • Card Account numbers and Business Travel Account numbers

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Account Hierarchy Structure

Your Account hierarchy is set up relative to your Company's internal structure and Management Information (MI) reporting needs.

The hierarchy may represent a simple or a complex account structure. There are three hierarchy categories in the Corporate Expense Management programme allowing up to six levels of hierarchy:

  • Master Control Account Number (MCA) - this is your Company's own unique identifier

  • Basic Control Account Number (BCA) - each individual Corporate Card sits within the basic control number

  • Intermediate Control Account Number (ICA) - this added level would be included for divisional MI reporting needs

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Basic Hierarchy – Two Levels


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Complex Hierarchy – Three or More Levels


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Implementation Process

If you have recently joined the American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card programme, the information below provides you with details on the implementation process of some accounts.

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Basic Implementation Process

If you are simply adding Cards to an existing Account, then the process begins with American Express processing the individual Card Member applications.

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Approval With a Limit

Based on the assessment of your Company, you may be approved for a Corporate Card Account with a limit placed on your Account.

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