Getting Started for
Programme Administrators

Welcome Programme Administrators. The following information will help you set up your Corporate Card programme.

Account & Programme Set Up

Where to Find Your Initial Account Information

The Account set-up information for your Company’s Corporate Card Account will have been sent to you by email. The information is confidential to each company, and includes:

  • Company Identification Number (CID)
  • Day of the month on or around which the statement will be issued
  • Statement mailing address
  • Who payments will be made by i.e. Company or Card Members
  • Approved Account limit

Your Company can be rewarded every time a charge is made on the Corporate Card. To earn this reward, your company must first enrol* in the Corporate Membership Rewards programme. Once enrolled, every S$1.60 charged to the Corporate Card will automatically earn 1 Corporate Membership Rewards point that can be accumulated to redeem for statement credits as well as reward items for the company.

*An annual Corporate Membership Rewards fee of S$75 applies per Card. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Corporate Membership Rewards programme available by clicking here.

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The approved Account limit is a revolving figure enabling your Company to incur charges up to the stated limit. Should your combined charges reach this limit, your Company will need to make a payment before further charges can be made. Should you need to apply for an increase to your limit, or if you would like to discuss your Account limit, please call the PA Servicing Team on 1800 732 2566.


Remittance is the process whereby charges and payments are allocated. Establishing a remittance process within your organisation is extremely important to ensure:

  • An accurate allocation of payments for charges made by Card Members
  • Avoidance of unnecessary late payment fees
  • Hassle-free usage of the Corporate Card programme
  • The effective management of cash flow in the business

Click here for the step-by-step instructions on the Remittance Advice process. We recommend that you follow these steps to ensure that the Remittance process is as simple as possible and that Card Members do not incur late payment fees or experience an interruption of Card usage.

Creating Card

To provide full flexibility and an added level of security, you can choose to apply spending limits for individual Card Members. This means you can align your Company's spending policies with your Corporate Card programme. Limits can be applied to Cards by total expenditure each month or by transaction. The Company's approval is required for spend limits to be applied. Should you need to apply for a temporary increase limit for your Card Members, please call PA Servicing Team at
1800 732 2566. The request is subject to approval. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Credit Department at 1800 737 8188.

To apply for a Permanent Limit for your Card Member, please complete the Change of Company Details form. The request is subject to approval.

Manage your

American Express @ Work® is a secure online tool that gives you visibility and control of your Company’s Corporate Card Programme and will prove invaluable in helping you manage your Card Account. The @ Work online tool lets you:

  • Perform day-to-day programme management activities including cancelling Cards, transferring cost centres and updating Card Member details using Global Online Programme Management (GOPM)
  • View and analyse spending and payment information with a range of data reports including Standard and Customised Reports

To begin enjoying the benefits offered by @ Work, you are required to enrol by simply filling in the @ Work Registration Form and returning it to American Express as per the instruction on the form.
You can then access @ Work by clicking here and simply following the steps, to access online administration and reporting with @ Work.

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