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Understand your programme structure, Card benefits and how to use Corporate Cards.

Programme Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

As the Programme Administrator, you play a vital role in managing the day-to-day running of your Company's Corporate Card Account, including:

  • Being the central contact point between your Company and American Express

  • Checking and submitting new Card applications

  • Transferring or cancelling Cards

  • Reconciliation and payment of statements if centrally managed

  • Programme maintenance including Card Member changes and reporting

You are required to nominate contacts from your Company to be the liaison points with American Express and to fulfil tasks required to manage your Company's Account. These contacts were established when your Corporate Agreement form was completed. The roles of these contacts are outlined below.

Authorised Signatory / Decision Maker
The Authorised Signatory is able to make decisions on behalf of your Company and approve changes to your Account. These changes may include adding Card Members or changing your Company contacts. This authorisation is required to maintain the security and privacy of your Corporate Card Account. This role is typically filled by someone in your Company who:

  • Has ownership over the Corporate Card programme

  • Has the authority to approve decisions on behalf of the Company

  • May have made the decision to implement the Corporate Card programme

  • Usually has the title of Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director, Partner, Accounts Payable Manager or General Manager

  • The Authorised Signatory may also be referred to as the Decision Maker

Using the Corporate Card

To protect your Card Members from fraud, Cards should be signed by Card Members immediately upon receipt and kept in a secure place.

When Charges Are Declined
Unfortunately there are times when a charge may be declined. American Express uses an Intelligent Electronic Financial Management and Authorisation System to protect your Company and Card Members against fraud, minimising financial risk. This is done to protect the interests of Card Members and the company. Any out-of-pattern spend will be referred for manual approval. This means the transaction will not go through on the Card until American Express has been contacted and approves it. Card charges are more likely to be referred for manual approval when new Card Members start using the Card and have minimal spend history. The most frequent types of out-of-pattern expenditure are large, internet or overseas transactions. If you are aware of any-out-of pocket expenditure that is likely to arise for a given reason, for example an international trip, company conference, or similar, please contact our Credit Department at 1800 737 8188 ahead of the expected date that the charge is likely to be made.

If a merchant indicates that a transaction has been declined, Card Members should request that the merchant contact the American Express Merchant GOs team for clarification on the decline. If manual approval is required, the Card Member should ask the merchant to contact the American Express Merchant Services team to request for this approval.

Avoiding Declined Charges
If Card Members anticipate an out-of-pattern charge, they can contact American Express prior to using their Corporate Card and seek pre-authorisation. We recommend Card Members seek pre-authorisation on all large, internet or overseas purchases. This avoids the inconvenience of charges being declined. Card Members can contact the Card Member Service team on 1800 732 2566 to request pre-authorisation.

How to Dispute A Charge
If a Card Member does not recognise a transaction, the first action should be to contact the supplier and dispute the charge directly. If this is either unsuccessful or not possible, the Card Member can contact the Card Member Service Team on 1800 732 2566 to dispute the charge. This must be within 3 months of the date the charge was placed on the Card. A temporary credit may be applied to the Account while American Express contacts the supplier to obtain support for the charge. Investigations of charges by American Express may take up to 6 to 8 weeks. An investigation fee may be applied should the charge prove genuine.

Corporate Card Types and Benefits

The American Express Corporate Card offers two levels of Card membership to cater for your Company's unique travel, entertainment and business expense needs:
American Express® Corporate Card
American Express® Corporate Gold Card

Click on the Card name to view Card Member benefits or view all Card benefits

Card Fees
Annual Card Member fees are applied on a sliding scale according to the number of Card Members in your Company. This means that you may be able to achieve cost savings by adding Cards to your Account.

The annual Card fees* for the American Express Corporate Card are:
Corporate Card - S$120
Corporate Gold Card - S$155

* Please refer to your global agreement for details, when applicable.

Managing Your Company’s Corporate Card Account

To ensure your Company's expense management programme runs smoothly, you may be required to assist with tasks to administer the programme including adding or cancelling Cards and paying your Company's Account. To change your Company's details or contacts, please click here for the Change of Company Details form and follow the necessary steps as mentioned in the form.

Managing Your Company’s Card Members

This section allows you to review information and/or access direct links for a number of activities, which will help you to maintain your Company’s Card Members. You may also wish to enrol for Global Online Programme Management in @ Work, to complete these activities online.

Requesting a New Card
Please click here to find request a new Card applications

Requesting an Urgent Card
To request an urgent Card, please fill out the Card Member Application Form as you usually would, and tick Priority Handling in the bottom left hand corner. Please note that an urgent fee applies.

Renewing Expired Cards
Renewal Cards will be automatically mailed to the Card Member’s billing address 10 to 15 days prior to Card expiration.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Card
In the event of a Card being lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately by the Card Member at 1800 732 2566, 9.00am - 5.00pm, Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays), or at 1800 737 8188 after office hours.

If the Corporate Card is lost or stolen overseas, please contact the local American Express Travel Services Office or a Representative Office. Card Members will usually be able to receive a replacement Card on the next business day at no extra cost. Alternatively, Card Members may also call (65) 6732 2566 during office hours (except public holidays) or (65) 6737 8188 after office hours.

Cancelling a Card
If an employee no longer needs a Corporate Card, the Card must be cancelled so that American Express does not continue to charge annual fees for this Card. You can cancel a Card via Global Online Programme Management in @ Work. Alternatively, please email the PA Servicing Team at

Reinstating a Cancelled Card
Please email the PA Servicing Team at for any Card Member account reinstatement request.

Changing Card Member Contact Details
As Programme Administrator you are able to change Card Member details via Global Online Programme Management in @ Work. It is important that the Card Member details are remaining up-to-date to ensure that new or replacement Cards are received by the Card Member.


American Express provides you with access to several account and programme management tools to help make day-to-day expense maintenance easier.

American Express® @ Work

American Express @ Work is an expandable suite of online Management Information (MI) reporting tools that allow you to execute the administration, reporting and management of spend data online.

The suite of @ Work online tools comprises:

  • Online Programme Management (GOPM)

  • Standard Reporting

  • Customised Reporting

To begin enjoying the benefits offered by @ Work, you are required to enrol, by simply filling in the @ Work Registration Form and returning it to American Express as per the instruction on the form.

Log in to @ Work

@ Work Global Online Programme Management (GOPM)
As the Programme Administrator, you will find the Global Online Programme Management (GOPM) module particularly helpful as it enables you to manage your Corporate Card and Corporate Purchasing Card Programmes more efficiently online, 24/7. From performing everyday administrative tasks and account maintenance, to accessing reports, GOPM enables fast, efficient and effective programme management for your Company.

Simply login to:

  • Apply for a Card

  • Replace a Card

  • Suspend or Cancel a Card

  • Transfer a Card Member

  • Change a Card Member’s contact details

  • Download Card Member statements

@ Work gives you the control and efficiency you need and reduces the time spent in managing your Card Programme across markets. There's no need to call and wait for someone to action your requests when you can manage multiple changes on a profile yourself, in your own time, using our secure online site across multiple markets.

@ Work Reporting
@ Work Reporting gives you the power and flexibility to turn information into actionable insights that work for you. When you have a comprehensive picture of your spending, you can create real impacts for your business.

Increased control

  • Convenient access to reports and easy view of spending

  • Monitor compliance whenever you do business and simplify auditing and near real-time information

  • Support ongoing operations by quickly resolving delinquencies through Card Member and supplier management reports

  • Run reports to help identify savings opportunities and forecast Card Member activity to improve supplier negotiations

  • Flexibility of setting the report at Master Control Account (MCA), Individual Control Account (ICA) or Business Control Account (BCA) levels within your Company hierarchy

  • Automated email alerts when your monthly report is ready for viewing

  • Provides reports in convenient formats, as per your choice: Web, PDF, XLS

Increased efficiency

  • Eliminates paperwork

  • Intuitive selection process

  • Access to helpful programme resources and tools

  • At your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere

Online Statements

Online Statements is a free service that helps Card Members review and reconcile their expenses online, without having to wait for monthly Corporate Card statements.

Online Statements:

  • Allow access to account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Track current charges and payments, and show statements for the past 3 months

  • Track unbilled balances and new charges

Enrolment for Online Statements requires individual action by each of your Card Members and takes just a few minutes. To ensure your Card Members receive monthly statements, they need to enrol in Manage Your Card Account and select the Register for Online Statement option.

Card Members can also gain access to their past 6 months' Corporate Card statements in PDF format, online. After enrolment, Card Members will receive a monthly email notification when their statement is ready to be viewed online.


The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is a centralised billing payment solution that provides a single view of all your air travel related charges, without requiring a physical Card.

For resources outlining:

  • How BTA works

  • Reconciliation

  • Online Statements

  • And benefits information

View BTA Account Management


There are a number of methods for paying an American Express Corporate Card statement. The payment methods available depend on whether your Company or the Card Member pays the statement.

Company Payment Options

There are a number of options where your Company pays the account centrally, including:

  • Interbank GIRO

  • Cheque

  • Cash

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct DEBIT

Interbank GIRO
Interbank GIRO is the most convenient way to settle your bills. It can be used irrespective of whether the Corporate Card account is paid individually or centrally. The Direct Debit can be scheduled to occur from 5 to 25 days after your Corporate Card statement date. For a centrally paid account, the balance from each Card statement will be transferred to the Direct Debit account, the balance from each Card Statement will be transferred to the Direct Debit Account and the total of these amounts will then be debited from the Company's nominated bank account.

Cheque payments are accepted for either individually billed or centrally billed accounts. Payments can be paid by mail or in person at any American Express- Travel Service Office, Foreign Exchange Bureau or Representative Office.

A remittance advice must accompany the cheque. This is particularly important when paying centrally so that the correct amount can be allocated to each Card Member's account.

In Singapore, please present your statement with your cheque payment at any Singapore Post Office or at the American Express Foreign Exchange Services Counters at Tang Plaza or Changi Airport. Alternatively, please mail your cheques to: American Express International, Inc. Crawford, P.O. Box 852, Singapore 911912.

Cash payments may be made at any American Express' Office worldwide or at any Singapore Post Office. Cash payments are capped at S$8,000 or the outstanding balance as shown on the current statement, whichever is the lesser.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct DEBIT
EFT is a payment option for Companies who wish to pay the Corporate Card account centrally. Clients who have pre-selected this form of payment during the initial Account set-up will be issued a unique 6-digit number, which must be quoted for all deposits.

Remittance Advice
A full remittance advice should accompany all cheque, telegraphic and electronic remittance payments. A remittance advice can be printed from @ Work. This will be available 48 to 72 hours after the statement cut off date. Alternatively, you can prepare your own and fax it to Corporate Card Remittance Processing on (65) 6507 7484 on the same day the payment is made into the American Express bank account. If you prepare your own remittance advice it must contain:

  • Master Control Account Number (MCA - your Company's unique ID)

  • Company name

  • Date of payment

  • Card number

  • Card Member name

  • Amount of payment per Card Member

  • Payment total

  • Notation of any credit adjustments between accounts

Missing or Misallocated Payments
If there is no remittance advice accompanying a payment, or if the remittance advice is incorrect, the payment(s) will remain unallocated. This means that Card Member payments may become overdue and late payment fees may apply. Should you require any clarification on your Company billing or payment options, please call the PA Servicing Team at 1800 732 2566.

Card Member Payment Options

When the Card Member pays the account, the following options are possible:

  • Online payment via Internet Banking
    If you are a DBS, OCBC or UOB bank account holder, you can pay your bill via your respective bank's website1.

  • Cash and Cheque
    Present your statement with your cash2 or cheque payment at any Singapore Post Office or at the American Express Foreign Exchange Services counters at Tangs Plaza and Changi Airport.

  • S.A.M Machine
    Over 230 Self-service Automated Machines island-wide are at your disposal to enable fast payment. Visit to find one nearest to you.

  • Mail
    Send your cheque payment with the detached payment advice in the return envelope supplied with your monthly Card statement.

  • Online Payment via vPOST3
    Simply log onto and follow these steps to nominate the bank account from which payment will be deducted:

    • (i) Sign up with vPOST to obtain your unique User-ID and password

    • (ii) Download and complete the GIRO-On-Demand (GOOD) application form

  • Interbank GIRO
    Sign up for a GIRO payment arrangement to establish a direct debit from your nominated bank account within 5 to 25 days from your Corporate Card statement date. Download the GIRO application form.

1. Only applicable for DBS, OCBC and UOB banks. Terms and conditions apply.
2. Effective 1 October 2007, cash payments have been capped at S$8,000 or the outstanding balance as shown on your current statement, whichever is lower.
3. The application form will be sent to your bank for processing. Please allow 3 weeks for processing. Upon the bank's approval, you will be notified via your vPOST by GIRO-On-Demand. This is not applicable for centrally paid Corporate Cards.

Late Payment Fees

Late payment fees are easily avoided simply through Card Members being made aware that the American Express Corporate Card is a Charge Card, which means the full balance needs to be paid upon receipt of the Card Member's statement.

Payment must be received before the next statement cycle ends to ensure allocation of payment and to avoid incurring a late payment fee. If a payment becomes overdue, American Express may charge the Company or the Card Member late payment fees on the overdue balance, monthly in arrears. American Express- credit policy for the following overdue payment dates is described below.

Overdue for Payment
If we do not receive full payment of your total bill on your monthly statement by the date of your next statement, the late payment fee will apply. A late payment fee of 2.5% or S$40.00*, whichever is greater, will be levied on the outstanding balance. The Card Member or the Programme Administrator may be contacted via letter or telephone and the Card may be suspended. This will only happen after the Card Member or Programme Administrator has been advised that this will occur.

*Rates subject to change. Please refer to your American Express monthly statement for the latest rate and/or your company's Global Agreement, if applicable.

60 Days Overdue for Payment
If a Card is 60 days overdue for payment, the Card Member or Programme Administrator will be contacted via telephone or letter and the Card will be suspended. An additional late payment fee will be accrued.

90 Days Overdue for Payment
If a Card is 90 days overdue for payment, the Card will automatically be cancelled. The Account may be referred to an external debt collection agency or solicitor employed by American Express to establish acceptable repayment terms. An additional late payment fee will be accrued.

The American Express credit policy may vary depending upon the Terms and Conditions set for your Company and will be applied on an individual Card basis.

To assist with planning Card Member payments after a Card is overdue for payment, please contact the Credit Services team at (65) 6507 7474.

To avoid late payment fees, Card Members can check their online statements anytime and anywhere via the Internet. Click here to register for Online Statements.