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Membership designed to help streamline travel so you can get there smoothly

Prestige and Enhanced Coverage

Recognise your senior executives and frequent travellers with the Card that offers peace of mind and prestige. The American Express® Corporate Gold Card comes with superior services, enhanced coverage and globally recognized value.

Enjoy travel related benefits that can help you stay productive on the road

Service &

Controlled Access to Cash

Provide convenient access to cash while travelling with American Express Corporate Cash1. Enrolled Card Members can use their Cards to access the local currency equivalent of US$1,000 every seven days from ATMs worldwide. The withdrawal is billed to individual accounts and appears as a charge on the next statement following the withdrawal. A transaction fee applies to each withdrawal. Enrolment required.

American Express Consulting

Our experienced consultants can tailor cost-saving solutions that will assist you with all aspects of expense management, including supplier consolidation, process and policy development and spend management.

Customer Service

Professional and dedicated customer assistance is always just a phone call away. So whether you have billing enquiries, emergency replacement Card requests or need information or access to a Card benefit or service, we’re ready and able to provide the support you need.

Emergency Cheque Cashing

If you need to cash a personal cheque urgently, you can use your Corporate Card as a valuable form of security. You can cash a personal cheque for up to US$1,000 every 7 days in Singapore and every 21 days while overseas at American Express Foreign Exchange Services Offices worldwide.


Emergency Global Assist® Hotline

For legal and medical emergencies while travelling, Card Members can call the Emergency Global Assist Hotline2 service 24/7 to speak with an English-speaking lawyer, doctor or service provider who can help with cash wires, lost luggage or passports. The service is available virtually anywhere in the world, whenever Card Members travel more than 200km from home, for up to 90 days2.

Assured Reservations

When Card Members book travel arrangements through American Express Travel Services and paying with the Corporate Gold Card, the Worldwide Select Hotel programme ensures that their room will be held for arrival until checkout time the following day. The American Express Worldwide Select Hotel Guide is available through your American Express travel consultant.

Worldwide Customer Care Services

Card Members who book their travel through one of our American Express Travel Service or Representative Offices can enjoy the security and support of our extensive American Express Worldwide Customer Card services. Our friendly, highly trained staff in over 2,200 Travel Service3 locations in more than 140 countries and territories worldwide will help with the following services:

  • Reconfirmation of air-tickets
  • Flight rescheduling
  • Sight-seeing arrangements
  • Hotel and car rental reservations
  • Currency exchange
Insurance &

Travel With Peace of Mind

American Express Corporate Card programmes provide several travel-related insurance benefits to Card Members for no additional charge. The Corporate Card gives your business travellers access to the following reassuring insurance coverage and travel assistance services:

  • Business Travel Accident Insurance4 of up to S$1,000,000 provides accidental death or dismemberment coverage while travelling on business trips booked using the Card; personal trips undertaken whilst on a wider business trip receive limited coverage
  • Overseas Medical Extension5 of up to S$500,000

Luggage & Personal Possessions Insurance

When travel tickets are charged to your Card, you automatically get added protection for your baggage and personal items. At no additional fee, you’ll receive:

  • Up to S$500 if your luggage is delayed
  • Up to S$1,000 for lost or stolen luggage
  • Up to S$9,000 in baggage and personal possessions insurance

Air Travel Without Worry

Your Corporate Gold Card takes care of you on the ground and in the air. Take the skies knowing you’re covered by:

  • Missed Connection protection of up to S$400
  • Flight delay coverage of up to S$400
  • Over 2,200 Travel Service locations globally provide personalize travel assistance
Rewards &

Corporate Membership Rewards® Programme

The American Express Corporate Membership Rewards programme enables your company to earn points on all company expenses6 and redeem these points for a variety of rewards. Your company can quickly accrue by consolidating points earned on multiple Cards into a single Corporate Membership Rewards account. Charge all of your business purchases to the enrolled Cards and earn 1 point for every S$1.60 you spend7.

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American Express Selects

The American Express Selects programme enables Card Members to access savings of up to 20% on dining as well as wide range of discounts and special offers for travel, entertainment and shopping. Business travellers worldwide value this unique tool.

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Membership Rewards Programme for Employees

The Membership Rewards program8 encourages employees to use the American Express Corporate Card by allowing them to earn points on their corporate spend. Gain control and visibility while rewarding your employees with a programme that boasts a comprehensive list award options, including gift cards from the finest retailers, premium entertainment and dining access and much more. In addition, points can be redeemed for travel booked through our travel partners.

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24/7 Access to Your Account Online

The Manage Your Card Account online services allows Card Members to review and reconcile their expenses online, without having to wait for monthly Corporate Card statements. The complimentary service makes it easy to keep up with your Card activity, manage your account and check your Membership Rewards programme balance9 online or on your mobile device.

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Card Liability Options and Protection

American Express offers Combined and Corporate liability options. Combined liability ensures your Company is only liable for business charges, while personal charges are the responsibility of the employee. With Corporate liability the Company is liable for all charges incurred. However, the Company and Card Members are not liable for any unauthorised use of the Card.

Select Your Billing and Payment Options

American Express offers a variety of billing and payment options to coordinate with your Company’s internal accounting systems and schedules. You can choose to track and manage payments with individual or central billing and statements10.

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Manage Your Entire Card Programme

American Express @Work® is an online management tool that allows Programme Administrators to perform day-to-day tasks. Enrol to access to a secure browser where administrators can apply for, cancel, and suspending Cards; monitor policy compliance; track expenses; and access and create reports.

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Flexible Spending Limits

Your Company can request that spending limits be set for individual Card Members for total expenditure each month or by individual transaction. Spending limits provide a high degree of reassurance and comfort.


Access Your Account Virtually Anytime, Anywhere

The Amex Mobile app makes it easy for you to manage your Corporate Card account, virtually anytime, anywhere. Combined with Manage Your Card Account online services account, the app enables you to conveniently view transactions, verify charges digitally and make payments. Available on iOS and mobile web platforms.

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Frequent Travellers Suite – Coming Soon

American Express and our partners will soon offer Card Members more robust mobile solutions including apps to help you simplify expense management and better manage your travel itineraries and Card benefits.

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