American Express® Corporate Meeting Card

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Features & Benefits

One Card for Multiple Tasks

From flights and catering to incentives and WebEx, your Company can enjoy the convenience of making all of your payments from deposit through to final payment with just one Card. Use your Corporate Meeting Card to plan and pay for all types of meetings or events, including:

  • Association meetings and conventions
  • Corporate and executive meetings
  • Sales meetings and training seminars
  • Incentive trips and reunions
  • Receptions, holiday parties, anniversaries and community gatherings

Streamline Processes With a Single Payment

The Corporate Meeting Card is designed to provide companies with the ability to:

  • Separate meeting expenses from other business spending for more accurate analysis and tracking
  • Implement company-wide meeting policies to improve meeting expense monitoring
  • Increase control and accountability through consolidation of meeting invoices
  • Reduce costs and time associated with completing multiple credit applications and writing multiple cheques
  • Obtain comprehensive management information on meeting expenses across a division, the department or the entire company
  • Enhance negotiations with suppliers using complete and accurate meeting expense data

Easily Manage Business Meetings and Events Spending

The American Express Corporate Meeting Card is designed to help you manage corporate expenses from purchase to reconciliation, by enabling you to:

  • Track business meeting expenses and ensure compliance with preferred suppliers
  • Leverage meetings’ volume to consolidate suppliers and enhance negotiations
  • Perform accurate spend analysis via American Express @ Work® Customised Reporting
  • Minimise cheques written to suppliers with one consolidated payment to American Express
  • Allocate expenses to appropriate cost centres with American Express Corporate Account Reconciliation tool