Where can I use my card?

Whether it’s a quick lunch, buying business supplies or entertaining clients, an American Express Corporate Card program can meet all of your business needs.

American Express is accepted at millions of places around the world where businesses spend. And the list is growing constantly.

American Express has a team of experts that works to understand your needs and the suppliers that are important to your success. We’ll also tailor an expense management strategy that can save you money while ensuring your business needs are met.

American Express has developed integrated expense management solutions and Corporate Card programs for all kinds of businesses. We understand the complexities of operating locally or on a global scale and bring an exceptional level of business expertise to your Corporate Card needs.

Be prudent in managing your finances and maintain good credit

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Except for benefits or services for which American Express has disclosed the applicable period and conditions to the Cardmember, American Express may adjust the terms and conditions of card benefits or services on a quarterly basis and notify Cardmembers in accordance with the Cardmember Agreement.

Please refer to the Cardmember brochure or American Express website for full details and terms and conditions governing Cardmember benefits and services.