How can American Express help me improve business cash flow management?

One of the most important financial considerations for any Company is cash flow. Lack of cash flow is one of the major causes of business stress, and an inability to pay bills on time can be harmful to relationships with suppliers.

It's not always easy to manage cash flow due to factors such as seasonal fluctuations, and delayed customer payments. This is why it is integral to have a partner that offers flexibility.

The American Express Corporate Card Programme offers up to 51 credit free days1. This gives you the ability to pay your bills in a manner that is timely enough to maintain and strengthen relations with suppliers, whilst giving you the breathing space to await incoming funds.

Smooth out your operating cash flow pressures today. Apply for the American Express Corporate Card Program.

1. Actual credit-free period will vary based on the date of charge and the billing cycle cut-off date.

Be prudent in managing your finances and maintain good credit

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