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    Generation Y In The Driving Seat

    Originally posted on 20th November, 2016

    The future of digital payments and other technological advances are transforming business travel. Discover how corporate travel policies can help businesses benefit from these innovations. This article on business travel…

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    Millennials: A New Generation of Business Travellers

    Originally posted on 22nd of June, 2016

    From introducing innovative payment solutions to increasing the number of places you can use your Card, we take a look at how businesses can best accommodate a Millennial on the move.

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    Membership Rewards®: Which rewards programme is best for you and your company?

    Originally posted on Sept 1st 2016

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    Beyond Millennials:
    Doing business with Generation Z

    Originally posted on 7th June, 2016

    Millennials have transformed the business landscape by demanding more integrated, rewarding work and enhanced personal life experiences. Will their successors, Generation Z, reject or build upon this legacy? We examine the…

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    American Express
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    Thursday 12 November,
    The Savoy


    The Future of Payments: Business in a Cashless Society

    From Apple Pay to bitcoin, the evolution of payment technology is moving at an unprecedented rate. The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets is leading…