New Breed of Global Business Travellers

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How Millennials are Disrupting Business Travel

How ready is your business for the rise of the millennials? A recent Deloitte survey predicts that, by 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. But what does that mean for business travel planners and how can they plan for the incoming wave of millennial business travellers?

Meeting Millennials’ Expectations

In our latest infographic, The New Breed of Global Business Travellers, we’ve outlined how millennials are changing business travel and what you need to do to meet their needs.

To attract and retain the best millennial talent, programme managers need to make sure they’re ready to meet their needs, rather than being two steps behind. According to Expedia’s Future of Travel survey, 75% of travellers are using smartphones and tablets for personal and business reasons while travelling. Having access to the right hardware and software is essential for the emerging tech native generation.

Flexibility Matters

According to an Accenture survey on the consumerisation of IT, 45% of employees believed their personal device was more useful than the ones provided at work.

Hardware isn’t the only issue when it comes to flexibility. According to a survey by PhoCusWright, 26% of managed travellers think they can find better pricing on travel components on their own. So ways of researching, planning and booking need to be tailored to suit the way millennials work.

To make sure millennials get the best possible travel experience, businesses need to provide them with innovative travel programmes and tools. This will ensure you boost their productivity and earn their attention and advocacy.

For more information on what millennials want from a travel experience, read The New Breed of Global Business Travellers infographic.

New breed of global business travellers