The Connected Employee's Travel and Expense Journey

Three Ways Digital Tools Improve the Business Travel Journey

How do you get the most out of your business travel and expense spend in an age of rising travel costs and restricted budgets? How do you create a great experience for connected travellers that want to be engaged and efficient, not controlled? And how do you all of that while simplifying the business travel process and driving traveller productivity and savings throughout the entire journey? The answer: smart digital tools.

In our latest video, The Connected Employee’s Travel and Expense Journey, we show how using the right mobile technology can help you positively influence employee traveller behaviour.

Here are three ways mobile technology can benefit your travel and expense programme and create a good business travel experience.

1.    Align goals and incentivise behaviour

Using timely communications, such as automated reminders about flight times, can leverage mobile technology to help travel and expense programmes become more user friendly. The experience needs to be intuitive though, and shouldn’t add complexity to the journey.

Using game mechanics can help incentivise behaviour. To find out more about how gamification can help you update your travel and expense playbook, read our report Update Your Playbook.

2.    Drive spend capture and visibility

Creating flexibility via an approved booking system can help you capture and influence spending habits. It also enables you to offer policy compliant vendor choice to your connected employees, allowing them to feel in control. To find out why flexibility and personalisation is important for building great travel experiences for the millennial workforce, read our infographic, The New Breed of Global Business Travellers.

3.    Influence behaviour, when it really matters

To help drive savings and keep your connected travellers in the know, use automated messaging to influence things like spending patterns. For example, emails or push notifications suggesting user recommended restaurants that align with the company goals can increase employee satisfaction and their experience, while keeping spending down.

For more information on using digital tools to drive productivity and savings throughout the entire business travel journey, watch our video The Connected Employee’s Travel and Expense Journey.