The Path to Innovation: Insights on the New Frequent Business Traveller

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The Path to Innovation

The job of today’s travel and expense programme manager is more exciting and diverse than ever. New technologies, changing corporate demographics and increased global business travel have created an environment of almost constant change in travel and expense management. Many organisations recognise that business travel is undeniably important, relevant and here to stay.

At the same time, the role of programme managers is increasingly important to the organisation. In addition to having a myriad of responsibilities, program managers act as conductors of the tools and services that protect, comfort and assist business travellers on the road while still focusing on driving savings to their organisations.

To further unearth and understand the key areas of change and opportunity in travel and expense management, we conducted a research study to get to the heart of these issues. As a leader in the global travel industry, American Express noticed that consumer-like technologies, combined with changing travel patterns and shifting demographics, were potentially disrupting corporate travel programmes while also creating new efficiencies and opportunities for both travellers and companies alike.

Through a partnership with PhoCusWright, the travel industry research authority, we discovered that travel programme managers are already enhancing their programs by harnessing the power of technology, as well as tapping into frequent traveller insights that present the optimal win-win-win: traveller benefits, programme manager benefits and company benefits.

This white paper examines the impact of these converging trends on managed travel programmes and the implications for both the traveller and the company. It uncovers the expectations of frequent business travellers and reveals what innovative travel and expense management programme managers are doing to modernise their roles, engage travellers, optimise programmes, boost traveller performance and ultimately drive compliance and programme success.