The State of Global Business Travel Today

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Three Ways to Improve the Business Travel Experience

Global business travel is on the rise. Fuelled by corporate growth, global business has expanded into new markets. This has resulted in more travellers on the road and in the air than ever before.

Corporate spending and the number of trips are increasing year on year. Spend on global business travel has increased 38% since 2009, according to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). In 2013, it reached $1 trillion. The GBTA predicts there will be an 11% nominal level increase in the next two years.

But, given that more money is being spent on business travel and the frequency of trips is increasing, how can programme managers go beyond keeping pace and start creating better experiences for their employees?

In our latest infographic, The State of Global Business Travel Today, we’ve highlighted some of the things programme managers can do to optimise their employees’ experiences.

It’s clear they need to maximise traveller productivity and engagement, or risk losing opportunities to drive business value. Business travellers want to be productive and GBTA’s Global Business Traveller Sentiment Index shows that the majority of travellers (around 75% or more on average per country) believe access to technology enables them to work while travelling. Mobile applications are also important and the majority of travellers, in most countries, believe they have enhanced their overall business travel experience.

So how can programme managers use this information to build better experiences? Here are the three things they need to consider.

1.    Enhance the traveller experience

Help business travellers to focus on their goals by using mobile push notifications to automate and anticipate logistics.

2.    Compliance through engagement

Drive value and cost efficiencies by raising engagement through traveller perks and gamification.

3.    Social integration where possible

Constantly evolve the quality of your programmes by integrating customer feedback. Use social media-like tools to collect traveller feedback and insights.

For more information read our State of Global Business Travel Today infographic.

The State of Global Business Travel Today infographic