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  • Small Business

    Case Study: Smarter

    Starting Smarter with a vision for an affordable connected home, Christian Lane invested £100 in creating a working prototype iKettle. A £1 million contract followed that enabled the business not only to go into production, but grow and diversify with fridge cams and a wi-fi coffee…

  • Small Business

    Case Study: Catalyst 2

    Paul Redpath set up his first business at the age of 15 alongside studying and by the time he graduated, Catalyst 2 was up and running. Paul believes his best investment was his first member of staff as well as the expense of the office space and equipment needed to facilitate his…

  • Small Business

    Case Study: Each Peach Childcare

    Founder Kate Peach is passionate about childcare and cites a significant agency fee to find a new nursery manager in 2015 with enabling her to both grow Each Peach and diversify her portfolio. Kate has since created Peacharno a childcare training and consultancy service and has…

  • Small Business

    Case Study: Server Density

    Founded by David Mytton in 2009, Server Density was borne out of a business problem David encountered while running another business. The software solution that was needed didn’t exist, so David and a friend, Harry Wincup created it. Continuously checking websites and systems…

  • Small Business

    Case Study:

    As a start-up competing for business with established uniform suppliers, Emma Rees invested early in creating a strong brand identify for Uniforms2Go. Leveraging the identity online, in marketing and in-store, Emma credits the branding as helping establish Uniforms2 Go as a…