How UK Businesses Are Successfully Managing Their Cash Flow


  • Introduction Steve Ashton, Duration 0:01 - 1:52
  • Success in Challenging times: Key lesson for UK SMEs Paul Samrah, Duration 1:53 - 21:30
  • American Express solutions Alan Gillies, Duration 21:31 - 24:44
  • Shell case study Paul Booth, Duration 24:45 - 29:23
  • Questions and Answers All, Duration 29:24 - 33:58

We recently hosted ‘Managing Cash Flow,’ (Aug 2013) an exclusive webinar designed to provide you with valuable insights into effectively managing your business’ cash flow and optimising your working capital.

Presented by Steve Ashton from American Express, we heard from Paul Samrah, Partner at Kingston-Smith Consulting, Alan Gillies, Vice President of Middle Market Sales at American Express and Paul Booth, Key Account Manager at Shell UK. They all have a wealth of experience and expertise in cash flow management and their contributions should prove beneficial to your business. Throughout the event participants also had the opportunity to pose their questions on working capital optimisation via a live chat forum. You can hear their answers in the Q and A section at the end of the film.

We hope you find this content valuable when managing your own business’ cash flow and working capital.

Our Presenters

Paul Samrah

Paul Samrah - Partner, Kingston Smith Consulting

Kingston Smith are experts in governance, control and technology risk management. Their specially commissioned research for the University of Surrey, on achieving financial success in challenging economic circumstances, involved over 1,000 SMEs.

Allen Gilles

Alan Gillies - Vice President of Middle Market Sales, American Express

Discover the numerous ways in which American Express can help organisations maximise their cash flow.

Paul Booth

Paul Booth - Key Account Manager, Shell

Shell have partnered with American Express and are exploring and are devising effective ways to help their customers improve cash flow.