Frequently Asked Questions About American Express® Corporate Cards

How is an American Express Charge Card different from a credit card?

A charge card requires full settlement of the account to be made by the due date noted on your monthly statement.

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What can I use my Card for?

You can use your Corporate Card to settle regular and one-off transactions ranging from T&E expenses to core suppliers' invoices.

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What am I liable for if my Corporate Card is lost or stolen?

You must advise American Express Customer Services as soon as you realise your Card has gone missing. You can reach them on 0800 917 8031 or from abroad +44 1273 622600

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For how long is a Corporate Card valid?

Your American Express Corporate Card is valid for two years, providing you keep to the payment terms and have a continued business need. Renewal Cards are sent out six weeks before the expiry date of your Card. Once activated, your new Card is ready to use straight away.

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Can I use a Corporate Card to obtain foreign currency?

Yes, you can obtain foreign currency from:

  • Any foreign currency provider that accepts American Express*

  • Any foreign currency ATM that accepts American Express

  • Any international ATM that accepts American Express

You can locate American Express accepting ATMs here.

Foreign Currency cash withdrawal requires your company to enrol in the ‘Express Cash’ service, please refer to your Programme Administrator to confirm if this available for you.
We may impose limits and restrictions on withdrawal amounts and withdrawals maybe subject to cash advance fees and foreign currency conversion fees.

*Please refer to individual providers to confirm if they accept American Express cards

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Can a Corporate Card be used as a telephone calling card?

Yes, if the telephone you are using accepts American Express, you can use your American Express Corporate Card to pay for the cost of the call in the normal way. The charges will appear on your statement.

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How do I become a Corporate Cardmember?

Please call us on 0800 085 3698 if your company does not already have a Corporate Card programme with American Express.

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