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Corporate Meeting Card

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Cardmember Account Management Forms

Reinstatement and Global Data Transfer Form

  • Corporate Card Reinstatement Request Form
  • Global Data Transfer Form - This Global Data Transfer Form is used when a new or existing Client requests their Corporate program(s) account data be sent to a Third Party, Client Affiliate, and/or sending data to a Programme Administrator’s employer or correspondence address which is located outside the EEA. The new GDTF replaces the Global Authorization & Direction (A&D) forms and Attachments.
  • Global Data Transfer Form (modification) - For existing Global A&D Clients that ONLY require American Express to add a Country, Affiliate or Consolidator to their existing data transfer agreement, complete the modification form to amend the existing A&D.

Express Cash Form

Third Party Authorisation form

  • Third Party Authorisation form - Allows Cardmembers to designate a PA, secretary or assistant to obtain and change information on their account (such as changing address).