International Currency Corporate Cards Programme Administrator Guide

Programme Configuration

Account hierarchy structure

Basic Hierarchy - Two hierarchy levels

Basic Hierarchy

Complex Hierarchy - Three or more hierarchy levels

Complex Hierarchy

Billing and Settlement Options

American Express® offers a range of flexible and customised billing and settlement options for your Corporate Card Account, including:

Individually billed, individually settled

Each Cardmember receives a monthly billing statement from American Express. The Cardmember is responsible for submitting expense reports to the Programme Administrator within your company for reimbursement and for remitting payment back to American Express.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces the amount of change for the Cardmember and your company at implementation stage
  • Encourages timely submission of expense report, as Cardmember is responsible for reconciliation and payment
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reduces corporate administrative workload and cost, since employees reconcile and pay monthly bills
Download Payment Guide

Centrally billed, centrally settled

Combined billing pools all Cardmember transactions into a single billing statement. Your company remits payment for all charges upon receipt of the combined statement. Under this option, no individual billing statements are generated.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified billing
  • Improved cash flow
  • Detailed expense documentation
  • Cardmember convenience

Individually billed, centrally settled

This option itemises each transaction on a Cardmember basis. Each Cardmember receives an individual monthly billing statement, which identifies all charges. Your company submits – via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), electronic transmission or hard copy – both the remittance and back-up information on how to apply the funds.

Benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Your company retains control over payment
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses

For information regarding payments please refer to How to Pay Your Account under Programme Management in main menu.

Card Liability Types

American Express is able to offer you two types of Corporate Card Liability, allowing you to control the level of risk exposure you carry when opening a Corporate Card Account. These can be applied to individual Cardmembers within your company, based on your specific requirements. Please contact your American Express Account Representative to identify the type of Liability set-up on your Corporate Card Account.

Company Liability

We recommend that you adopt the Company Liability option if you have strict internal policies preventing personal use of the Card, or in situations where staff are trusted fully with all expense claims – for example, Directors.

Key features:

  • Your Company is liable for all charges incurred on the Card.
  • You or your Company are not liable for any unauthorised use of the Card.

Combined Liability

*Country restrictions apply

You and the Cardmember shall be jointly and severally liable for all Charges incurred by the Cardmember.

Key features:

  • You instruct the Cardmember that the Card is for use in accordance with your company’s expense management policy and they are liable for spend within policy. Should they spend outside of the parameters set by your policy the Company can waive liability to these charges.
  • You or your Company are not liable for any unauthorised use of the Card.

Implementation Process

Before American Express begins the implementation of your Corporate Card programme, there are several tasks, which require completion. This includes your contract to be signed, inclusive of the following information:

  • Application form complete with Authorised Signature
  • Liability agreement
  • Set-up of MI reporting
  • Agreed hierarchy structure

There are many factors that have an impact on the implementation process and the speed at which it is completed. The flow chart below is a guide only; for further detail about the unique nature of your implementation process, please contact your Implementation Manager or your American Express Account Representative.

Implementation Process

Programme Management

Administration tasks you will need to carry out

From time to time, you’ll be required to carry out general administrative tasks as part of the ongoing maintenance of your Corporate Card Programme. Many of these activities, such as cancelling a Card or suspending and un-suspending a Card, can be done online through the American Express @ Work Online Programme Management tool.

To access @ Work, visit If you do not have access to this tool, please contact your account manager.

You will see below a description of the process you need to follow, to carry out some of the more common programme maintenance tasks. The Service Delivery description explains the standard service response time for each process.

Programme Management


Late Payment Charges

Late Payment charges are applied to Individual Cards in the following situations:

  • 30 days overdue – 2% or US$/€10 (whichever is higher) of all outstanding sums
  • 60 days overdue – 2.5% or US$/€25 (whichever is higher) of all outstanding sums

On each subsequent Statement date – 2.5% or US$/€25 (whichever is higher) of all outstanding sums, to be calculated and applied on each subsequent Statement date.

Late Payment Charges

American Express Credit Policy

The American Express Credit Policy can vary, depending upon the terms and conditions set for your company, and will be applied on an individual card basis following evaluation from the American Express Risk Model.

Account 30 days overdue for payment - A statement message will be applied to the Cardmember’s statement, to advise that the account is overdue. The Cardmember may be contacted via letter or telephone, to be advised that the account is overdue. The Card Programme Administrator may also be contacted, and the Card may be suspended or cancelled.

Account 60 days overdue for payment - A statement message will be applied to the Cardmember’s statement, to advise that the account is overdue. The Cardmember/Company will be contacted via letter or telephone, dependent upon Liability Agreement. The Card will be suspended and may be cancelled.

Account 90 days overdue for payment - Final attempts will be made via telephone and letter to the Company and Cardmember, dependent upon Liability Agreement. If acceptable repayment terms can not be established, the account may be referred to one of a number of external debt collection agencies or solicitors employed by American Express.

Account 120 days overdue for payment - Automatic cancellation of any un-cancelled accounts. Where the Cardmember is proven to be liable, the account may be reported to a Customer Credit Bureau.


How do I increase my Company’s balance/global limit?

To increase your limit, you will need to contact your American Express Account Representative.

How do I change the Company billing address?

You can update the company billing address using our online tool – @ Work. If you don’t already have access to @ Work, contact your American Express Account Representative.

If you are updating your control address, the PA Servicing team will need the request in writing on official company headed paper. You can then email it to Updates take around seven working days.

How do I add or remove Administrators from Control Accounts?

The PA Servicing Team will need you to complete a PA Enrolment or Removal form, which needs to be emailed to All updates take around seven working days.

How do my Cardmembers get cash on their Cards?

Make sure that your Cardmembers have completed and submitted an Express Cash form, available from your Account Representative or through the forms section within this guide.

Express Cash forms need to be signed by the Cardmember and an authorised Programme Administrator at your company. The form can then be emailed to Requests can take around seven working days to process.

How do I update Employee ID or Cost Centre?

You can update Employee IDs and Cost Centres by calling the PA Servicing Team on +44 (0)1273 576 098 or emailing them at

How do I process a credit balance refund/credit balance transfer?

Programme Administrators can contact the PA Servicing Team on +44 (0)1273 576 098 to action this.

How do I dispute a charge?

Programme Administrators should contact the PA Servicing Team +44 (0)1273 576 098 to dispute a transaction.

How do I view Cardmember expiry dates?

As a Programme Administrator, you can view expiry dates through @ Work. If you don’t already have access to @ Work, please contact your Account Representative.

How do I view current Cardmember listings?

As a Programme Administrator, you can view current active Cardmembers through @ Work. If you don’t already have access to @ Work, please contact your Account Representative.

Can I see our Account online?

American Express offers an online system for Programme Administrators called @ Work. If you would like access, please speak to your Account Representative in order to be set up.

What number can my Cardmembers call?

Cardmembers can call +44 (0) 1273 868 900 or the number on the back of their Card. Please do not provide the PA Servicing Team number, as they do not deal with Cardmembers.

Why is there a block on our Account?

There could be many reasons for a block on your Company Account, such as merchant errors, reaching your credit limit early, the wrong PIN being entered, our system considers the charge to be suspicious and, often, that the account is overdue.

To find out why you have a block on your Account, please contact the Programme Administrator Servicing Team, who will be able to review the reason for the block and provide recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

How do I report fraudulent charges on our Account?

If you suspect that fraud has occurred on a Card, call the Programme Administrator Servicing Team, who will raise a case on your behalf for the fraudulent charge to be investigated. American Express will apply a temporary credit to the Card while we investigate the charge, so that Cardmembers are not disadvantaged by any potential fraudulent activity.

What insurance do the Cards have, and how do I make a claim?

You can download the Travel Protection Benefits document from the Benefits section within this Guide. To make a claim, call the numbers provided in the Contact Us section.

How can I find merchants that accept American Express?

Most major restaurants, hotels, airlines and car rental firms accept American Express, but if you need to locate a merchant that accepts the Card nearby, please visit Merchants are added on a daily basis. If you would like to recommend that we sign up a merchant that does not currently accept the Card, contact your American Express representative.

How can Cardmembers access their PIN?

To keep your account secure, your American Express Corporate Card uses Chip & PIN technology. Instead of signing a receipt, you will be asked to enter your secret four-digit PIN number when you pay by Card. Your PIN information is available on your online account.

Download PIN Instructions

Is my Card enabled for Contactless transactions?

Check the back of your American Express Card for the contactless symbol. If the symbol is present, it lets you know that your Card can make contactless payments.

Download Contactless FAQ

Need more information?

Talk to your Programme Administrator Servicing Team.

Call +44 (0)1273 576 098
Monday to Thursday - 08.00 to 17.30, (GMT); Friday – 08.00 to 17.00 (GMT).

Forms and documents

Programme Administrator Forms

Corporate Cardmember Application Forms

*Please contact your American Express Account Representative to identify the type of Liability set-up on your Corporate Card account

Request Access to vPayment on Demand

Corporate Purchasing Account Forms

Cardmember Account Management Forms

Priority Pass Enrolment Forms

Direct Debit Forms

Global Date Transfer Forms

  • Global Data Transfer Form - This Global Data Transfer form is used when a new or existing Client requests their Corporate program(s) account data be sent to a Third Party or Client Affiliate, and/or when sending data to a Programme Administrator’s employer or correspondence address, which is located outside the EEA.
  • Global Data Transfer Modification Form - For existing Global A&D Clients that ONLY require American Express to add a Country, Affiliate or Consolidator to their existing data transfer agreement, complete the modification form to amend the existing A&D.

Important Information

MI Reporting

Management Information Reporting

Through a range of simple and clear management information reports, American Express provides you with greater control, improved efficiency and assistance with managing suppliers.

@ Work is an American Express online service implemented in an effort to offer clients many benefits over traditional methods of Service Delivery.

Clients can perform Card Administration duties, such as cancelling Corporate Cards if cardholders have left the company, or changing contact details of Corporate Cardmembers, as well as receive Management Information (MI) reporting, which is both convenient and gives clients more control over their Corporate Card Programme.

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