Supplier Payments Solutions

American Express® is proud to deliver simple, transparent, and cost-effective expense management solutions that help make your life easier.

Purchasing Solutions

Corporate Purchasing Card

The Corporate Purchasing Card is a streamlined expense management solution that helps improves cash flow, helps save money and helps enhance security. Use the American Express Corporate Purchasing Card to make ad-hoc purchases in person or remotely with complete control over spending limits. Plus, with detailed data feeds on all your spending, you can analyse business spend and make informed purchasing decisions.


Corporate Purchasing Account

The Corporate Purchasing Account is one of our many expense management solutions that streamlines back office systems, reduces paperwork and helps improve cash-flow and gives you enhanced data on your spend. Pay preferred suppliers quickly and easily with the Corporate Purchasing Account, especially useful for low-cost, high-volume goods like IT hardware, couriers and office supplies.



When it comes to making electronic payments, expense management solutions rarely come simpler than vPayment. Our virtual payment solution enables you to generate single-use transaction numbers, thereby enhancing security, reducing paperwork, and offering the opportunity to analyse spending online.


Meeting Card

The Meeting Card is a smart and efficient way to manage virtually everything connected with your event - from accommodation to incidentals, from airfare for participants to thank-you gifts. It's convenient if you're arranging a large business meeting - or if you organise frequent corporate events of any size. The management tool, meetings360™, gives you end-to-end visibility of this spend, offering the opportunity of significant savings for tight control so you can squeeze more out of your budget.


Travel Solutions

Business Travel Account

The Business Travel Account is a simple, effective and free way to manage your corporate travel costs. Combine your organisation's travel expenses into a single, centrally billed account for enhanced visibility gives you maximum control over expenses and helps save time and money. Business Travel Account customers also have access to BTAConnect, an expense management solution that makes every stage of the reconciliation process more visible, and means that transaction enquiries can be managed more securely online. Download BTA insurance documents


Working Capital Solutions

Buyer Initiated Payments

This cash flow optimisation solution adopts a partnership approach to financial management to help improve liquidity planning and streamline processes for both you and your suppliers. BIP is the digital payment method that helps enable the timely payment of suppliers while extending your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and automating processes.