Programme Administrator Tools

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What You Can Do With @ Work

Manage Efficiently With American Express @ Work

American Express @ Work Programme Management is a self-service tool for Corporate Card Programme Administrators to perform day-to-day account maintenance transactions over the Internet. @ Work enables you to perform the following functions online:

  • Add, replace and cancel Cards
  • Transfer a Cardmember across control accounts
  • Update employee ID and cost centres
  • View Card charges and declined charges
  • Suspend and un-suspend Cards

If you haven’t already, contact your account manager to set up @ Work. View Enrolment Guide

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Reduce Your Paperwork with @ Work

As a Programme Administrator you play a vital role in the effective management of your company’s American Express Corporate Payments programme. To assist you, American Express offers access to a suite of online tools called American Express @ Work that will enable you to manage your programme quickly and efficiently. With access to @ Work, you can:

  • Add, replace and cancel Cards
  • Transfer a Cardmember across control accounts
  • Initiate Card applications
  • Suspend and un-suspend Cards

To use Online Applications, contact your account manager to see if it’s enabled in your @ Work account. If not, contact the Data Support Group to have it switched on.

The functions, tools and processes that make up @ Work are explained in detail in the Demo below.

To play the @ Work demo you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. To download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player please click here.

You can then download the @ Work Demo by clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save’.

Once you have downloaded the @ Work Demo, right click on the zip file and extract all. You will now see three files: Demos, AmexAtWork and StartHere. Double click on StartHere to run the Demo, this will open an internet browser window allowing you to navigate the three different sections of the Demo.

Alternatively, please contact your Account Development Manager.