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Features & Benefits

Corporate Purchasing Card

The Corporate Purchasing Card allows employees or departments to conveniently and easily make regular or one-off transactions – remotely or face-to- face, while providing you with more control over spending limits. This streamlined approach to expense management:

  • Facilitates simpler, faster payment
  • Helps reduce the number of invoices your organisation processes
  • Enables you to analyse spend more effectively
  • Helps improve cash flow

Corporate Purchasing Account

The American Express Corporate Purchasing Account is a virtual account that enables employees to spend whenever and wherever they need to, either on a regular basis or ad-hoc, with the option of customising appropriate controls and full transaction reporting.

  • Effective management of indirect spend
  • Backed by invoice data and VAT reporting across ten European countries, based on individual, departmental or supplier accounts
  • Full invoice detail on every transaction, including full VAT evidence for domestic transactions, supplied in a monthly consolidated invoice

Manage How, When and Where Employees Spend

With American Express Purchasing Solutions, you can protect against out-of-policy spend and fraud with customised purchasing controls. Maintain and set spending limits by transaction, for a specific period of time, at the account or Cardmember level.

Improve Buying Power With Strategic Supplier Initiatives

Accurate purchasing and spending information can place you in a stronger negotiating position with suppliers. Take advantage of discounts from existing contracts and help secure preferential rates in the future. Manage where your employees spend and rapidly enable or disable spending with specific suppliers to fulfill contract volume thresholds or manage disputes.

supplier purchasing solutions

Centralise Billing and Simplify Payments

Receive one consolidated billing statement per programme per monthly accounting cycle, whilst Cardmembers have access to individual reports. Help reduce business costs associated with your procure-to-pay cycle by making one payment per corporate programme.

Improve Purchase Reconciliation and Audit

Online analysis and expense reporting tools offer Cardmembers, managers and procurement teams account visibility, enabling effective management of your programme.

  • Eliminate manual processes to obtain invoice level information
  • Compare real purchase data with contractual pricing
  • Cross reference discrepancies within an order to match online order systems
  • Monitor internal requirements for capital purchases
  • Access required tax reporting detail

Online Management Information and Reporting

24/7 administration tools for B2B payments help automate management with little or no investment and minimal integration.

  • Access standard and customisable reports available in various formats and media
  • Easily monitor compliance and spend by supplier
  • Track spend within industry through expense summary reports
  • Forecast future spending based on quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year benchmarks

International Currency Corporate Purchasing Card and Account

Make regular or one-off purchases in Euros – remotely or face-to-face – to help gain greater control and visibility of spend reporting.

  • Save on foreign exchange charges when spending in Euros
  • Access your Euro funds
  • Standardise all transactions in the currency most relevant to you, Pounds or Euros

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