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Features and Benefits

Easy Implementation

BIP is an online payment platform and can be integrated into your existing payment processes, requiring no resources for implementation and no need for installation of new software. Company specific billing and invoicing cycles can also be taken into consideration.

Simplify Supplier Enablement

The BIP solution balances opposing payment interests between you and suppliers. American Express supports the supply chain, working with your existing commercial relationships to enable BIP payment. American Express will also help you work with your suppliers to migrate them to BIP.

Benefits to Your Company

Companies from many industries are relying on American Express BIP to achieve business benefits.

  • Helps optimise your working capital by increasing the Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • A bank independent solution to help support working capital optimisation initiatives
  • Helps boost liquidity with extended payment periods
  • Diversified capital resources and reduced need for external financing
  • Extended payment periods for the buyer and accelerated payments for suppliers

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