We Are Upgrading Our Systems
To Serve You Better

American Express® Global Corporate Payments are upgrading our global technology platforms, which will be effective in the UK from the 19 October 2015. This will allow us to introduce product improvements and better meet the changing needs of our Customers. As a result we will offer you streamlined processes and improved expense management solutions.

We would like to make the transition as seamless as possible for your organisation. However there are some changes to the way you manage your account that you need to be aware of to ensure that your programme continues to run smoothly after the upgrade has been implemented.

This comprehensive summary of the changes to features and capabilities has been developed to guide you through what actions you need to take and what you can expect during this technology upgrade.

Please take time to review all information below and take action where necessary.

Control Account Numbers

Before the upgrade
Your Corporate Card Programme has a 10 digit Control Account Number - Basic Control Account (BCA), Intermediate Control Account (ICA) and Master Control Account (MCA).

After the upgrade
Your current Control Account Number will be extended to contain 15 digits and the format will change to include a country reference code. Please see the example below:

What this means for your Company
The inclusion of the country code facilitates easy identification of Company locations for Customers operating across multiple countries.

The change in the Control Account Numbers will be reflected in:

  • Cardmember applications and other forms used to enrol for American Express products and services. We will release updated documents closer to the system upgrade date.

  • Reports, Statements and Data Files. For example, if your Company is using Customised Reports post the upgrade, you will need to open the report(s), select the 15 digit Control Account Number, and save it.

Clients with centrally settled accounts paid by Direct Debit will receive a new Customer Reference Number. We will contact these clients directly in the coming months, and prior to the systems upgrade, with more details on this change.

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Billing Cycle Cut Off Dates

Before the upgrade
There are 10 billing cycles each month (i.e. 0 - 9), each one having a 2-3 day cycle cut variation. You can refer to the column "Current Billing Date" in the table below for details.

After the upgrade
These 10 billing cycles (i.e. 0-9) will have fixed cycle cut dates every month. You can refer to the column "Future Fixed Billing Date" in the table below for details.

What this means for your Company
Having a fixed date makes cash flow management easier, particularly with planning and scheduling your payments.

Your current payment terms and method will remain unchanged.

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Before the upgrade
The monthly American Express Card statement provides your Company and Cardmembers with details of charges made to the Card each month.

Centrally billed accounts currently receive one statement (TCB/1320) that contains information on a number of accounts with a summary page that gives you the consolidated balance of all accounts included on that statement.

After the upgrade
Card statements will be received in the same method they are today, however, they will have an enhanced layout that will allow greater visibility of monthly business expenses.

This will include:

  • New or updated formats of balance fields such as ‘Previous Balance’, ‘Payments & Credits’, ‘New Debits’, ‘Total Balance’ and ‘Balance Due’.

  • Introduction of new sections such as, 'Payment Summary', 'Total Payments', 'Other Account Transactions' (for American Express initiated charges) and 'Total of Other Account Transactions'.

Centrally billed accounts will receive individual statements for each Card account delivered all in one package and the consolidated balance will be available through @ Work.

What this means for your Company
The information on the Card Statement will be easier to understand and more transparent, providing a better accounting experience.

Clients with centrally billed accounts will have to access the consolidated account balance through @ Work.

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@ Work & Reporting

American Express @ Work Programme Management is a self-service tool for Corporate Card Programme Administrators to perform day-to-day account maintenance transactions over the Internet. @ Work enables you to perform the following functions online:

  • Add, replace and cancel Cards

  • Transfer a Cardmember across control accounts

  • Update employee ID and cost centres

  • View Card charges and declined charges

  • Suspend and un-suspend Cards

  • Access reporting online

Before the upgrade
You may be receiving your reports in paper format by post or managing your programme online via @ Work.

After the upgrade
All content on existing reports, including paper, will be moved online and will only be accessible via @ Work.

To help you better understand the new reports that are now available online we have created a table to compare existing report templates with the new ones. Please view the @ Work Report Mapping for further details.

The @ Work tool will be significantly enhanced to offer you a superior user interface that’s more intuitive and user friendly.

All the relevant information you will need to manage your account will be presented upfront with easy access to your details.

You will find @ Work is fully compatible whether you are working on a PC, tablet or mobile.

What does this means for your Company
To continue to benefit from the content on our reports you will need to have access to
@ Work.

  • If you do not have access yet we would like to set up your profile. Please email gcptechupgrade@aexp.com and provide us with your Company’s Corporate ID and email address and we will assist you with access.

  • To better understand how to access these reports and the templates available please view the @ Work Reporting Fact Sheet.

You will benefit from @ Work alerts and notifications on items such as unusually high spends, large transactions or looming settlement deadlines. This will allow you to manage your account proactively and with ease. You will find that @ Work really works for you.

To view all these benefits, take a look at our @ Work upgrade demo.

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Data Files

Before the upgrade
Data Files contain transaction information that is formatted in support of your internal systems and processes.

After the upgrade
Data Files will include additional information providing your technical teams with enhanced data to support internal processes and systems.

The file format and delivery mechanism of these files will remain the same, however there will be some changes to specific fields within the Data Files.

What this means for your Company
The Data Files we send to your business will be changing and you may need to re-programme your systems to ensure they can continue to receive and process the data efficiently once the system is upgraded.

There are no changes to the file format, file length, file name, number of files we send you and the delivery mechanism. The changes you will see will be specific to the format of data within the fields in your file which should hopefully mean minimal impact to you.

Please note that the file delivery timings will be marginally different and for your daily files in particular you may see data within your files that is a few days older than you are accustomed to seeing today.

Please review our Data Files Guide and Data Files Changes Matrix for a comprehensive overview of any changes you may be required to make.

From the 17 October for 3 to 6 working days Data Files will continue to be delivered uninterrupted, however the information for the UK and Spain will be unavailable for 3 to 6 working days. The backlog of transactions that occur in this time will appear in the files that you receive post the 3 to 6 working day period.

If you would like to talk to someone about the changes, please email us at gcpdatafilesupportemea@aexp.com

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Plastic Renewal

Before the upgrade
Corporate Cards or Corporate Meeting Cards are renewed every 2 years.

After the upgrade
Corporate Cards or Corporate Meeting Cards will be renewed every 4 years.

What this means for your Company
The change in the renewal terms means that Cards will remain active for a longer period of time, making it simpler for ongoing supplier payments.

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Corporate Card Upgrade or Downgrade

Before the upgrade

  • The request for a product upgrade or downgrade was made through an email sent by the account Programme Administrator to the Account Manager or the PA Servicing team

  • The card number remain the same

  • During the process of the upgrade or downgrade all transactions appear on the same statement

  • The Cardmember did not need to cancel the old card or link the new card to the existing MYCA and Membership Rewards accounts

After the upgrade

  • To request a product upgrade or downgrade a new application will have to be completed and signed by the Cardmember. This new application will have to be submitted by the account Programme Administrator to the PA servicing team or the Account Manager who will then process the form internally

  • A new card number will be issued, but the Cardmember tenure will be carried forward to the new product

  • The Cardmember will receive two statements, one for the old and one for the new card account until the balance on the old card is paid in full

  • The Cardmember will need to link the new card details to the existing MYCA and Membership Rewards accounts

What does this mean to your Cardmember

  • The Cardmember will have to provide a completed application form when requesting a product upgrade or downgrade

  • A new account will be set up and Cardmembers will be issued with a new card number

  • If a client has given their old card number for recurring billing, they will need to update it with the new card number

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Rush Card

Before the upgrade
When a new Card is requested to be delivered as Urgent Delivery, the Cardmember receives a temporary, non-branded Card without chip and PIN. The permanent Card is only sent to the Cardmember after 3 months.

After the upgrade
If the Cardmember requests an Urgent Delivery, they will receive the permanent, fully functioning chip and PIN branded Card.

What this means for your Company
The permanent Card will provide Carmembers with added security.

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Updated Terms and Conditions

Effective from the 19 October there will be some changes to the Terms and Conditions of the American Express Corporate Payments Programme. These changes relate to the late payment fee clauses for the following products:

  • Corporate Card

  • British Airways Corporate Card

  • Corporate Meeting Card

  • Corporate Purchasing Card/Corporate Purchasing Account

  • vPayment, Buyer Initiated Payments

  • Business Travel Account

  • British Airways Business Travel Account

For a full overview of the changes to the Terms and Conditions for each of the products please use the following link business.americanexpress.com/uk/TCDocuments

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New Application Forms

New Cardmember Application forms

From 19 October 2015 you’ll need to use our new Cardmember Application Forms if you want a new American Express Corporate Card for a company employee.

You can find the new form at business.americanexpress.com/uk/tcdocuments

If you need to need to complete a new Company Application Form you should continue to contact your Account Manager to ensure you receive the most up to date forms.

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Temporary Changes to Our Services

During September and October some of our servicing requests will be temporarily delayed due to the upgrade.

Throughout this period you can continue to send through your requests, which will be carried out within the amended time frames below. Card transactions and payment processing will not be affected during this time and will continue as normal throughout the upgrade. Please see the table below for the key dates and temporary changes to our servicing levels.


Some areas of the Global Online Programme Management will have limited functionality up until the 20th October.

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Contact Us

Should you have any questions on the upgrade and what it means for you, please contact your American Express Account Manager or, alternatively, email us at gcptechupgrade@aexp.com.

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