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Features & Benefits


Transaction level Control and Authorisation

vPayment provides enhanced control of all spend down to exact amounts and dates, with your own unique references and buyer-specified references - making reconciliation problems and errors a thing of the past.

  • Help protect against out-of-policy spend and fraud with customised, pre-set purchasing controls
  • Set and maintain spending limits by transaction by month, or by set temporary limits
  • Implement spending limits at the corporate account or Cardmember level
  • Control individual transaction values

Minimal Program Administration

vPayment helps save you time while it handles the transactions. By capturing accounting data for each transaction, it reduces manual data entry or data tracking, making reconciliation easier. vPayment also improves your accounting information for later reporting or analysis by integrating any additional supplier-provided data.

  • Consolidate invoices into one monthly payment, backed by VAT evidence1
  • Reduce costs of your procure-to-pay cycle with one payment per corporate programme

Easily Accepted Globally

vPayment works with any supplier who accepts American Express Cards so you’ll be able to use it with a global network of suppliers. American Express also provides dedicated supplier enrollment teams to further aid in helping your key suppliers accept American Express Cards.

Improve Buying Power With Strategic Supplier Initiatives

Accurate purchasing and spending information can place you in a stronger negotiating position with suppliers. Take advantage of discounts from existing contracts and help secure preferential rates in the future. Manage where your employees spend and rapidly enable or disable spending with specific suppliers to fulfill contract volume thresholds or manage disputes.

Access High Quality VAT Data

All vPayment transactions carry a buyer-supplied reference unique to every transaction, irrespective of supplier capability and full invoice detail wherever it is available. Paperless VAT processing replaces the need for individual supplier invoices1 through detailed evidence of VAT incurred. You can also enable paperless submissions of VAT reclaims in certified countries.

Improve Purchase Reconciliation and Audit

Online analysis and expense reporting tools offer managers and procurement teams account visibility, enabling effective management of your programme.

  • Compare real purchase data with contractual pricing by part number and unit price
  • Cross reference discrepancies within an order to match to online order systems
  • Monitor internal requirements for capital purchases
  • Access required tax reporting detail

Management Information and Reporting

24/7 administration tools for B2B payments help automate management with little or no investment and minimal integration.

  • Access standard and customisable reports available in various formats and media
  • Easily monitor compliance and spend by supplier
  • Track spend within industry through expense summary reports
  • Forecast future spending based on quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year benchmarks

vPayment With Conferma for Hotel Booking

vPayment is fully integrated within the Conferma system to help provide control and reconciliation capabilities to support management and central settlement of hotel spend.

  • Value controls limit exposure to incorrect hotel rates being charged
  • Ensure compliance with company’s expense policy
  • Conferma’s reconciliation tool matches the references, booking and invoice info in your American Express statement
  • Helps optimise cash flow for all parties with improved payment timelines

International Currency vPayment

Generate single-use transaction numbers that facilitate electronic payment in a currency that is most relevant to you, Pounds, Euros or US dollars2.

  • Save on foreign exchange charges when spending in Pounds, Euros or US dollars2
  • Easy access to your Pound or Euro funds or US dollars2

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Terms and Conditions

1. Paper invoices are still needed for VAT reclaim unless the Supplier is enabled to provide tax compliant line item detail and VAT information.

2. US dollars supported in Germany and the United Kingdom