With Business Alliance, You AND Your Network Can Benefit

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Earn cash incentives for your company

Refer other businesses to American Express for a Commercial Services product to receive a one-time incentive payment. Each successful referral can earn your company up to $15,000.

Why Business Alliance?

The Business Alliance Program is an online referral program that gives you the chance to refer other businesses to American Express for Global Commercial Services products. With Business Alliance, your company can receive a one-time incentive payment for a Qualified Lead that results in business for American Express.

Benefits to You as a Referring Partner:

  • Earn cash incentives
  • Expand your professional network
  • Deepen your relationship with American Express

Benefits for Your Network:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Gain access to enhanced reporting tools
  • Enjoy world-class customer service

How It Works

  1. Become a Partner

    Register your company for the Business Alliance program on our Partner Portal: https://americanexpress.com/businessalliancepartnerportal

  2. Submit Your Referral

    In the portal, submit names of businesses that you think can benefit from our Commercial card products. American Express determines if your referral is a Qualified Lead

  3. Get Paid!

    Once your referral begins charging on their new product, your company will receive the incentive payment within 180 days. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of leads you can submit, so each client is a potential referral and an earning opportunity!

1 Business Alliance Program Disclosure

The American Express® Business Alliance program is open to all companies in the United States with a federal tax ID number that can refer companies engaging in business to business (B2B) payments to American Express Global Commercial Services. Authorized officers of eligible companies can enroll in the program as a referring partner at the Business Alliance portal, available at: www.americanexpress.com/businessalliancepartnerportal.

Only Qualified Leads referred to a Global Commercial Services program account via the online Business Alliance portal can lead to a one-time incentive payment from American Express. A one-time incentive payment will be issued only for a Qualified Lead that becomes a Global Commercial Payment customer in the United States (a “New Client”) and spends on a Global Commercial Services account, within one year after the referral was submitted via the Business Alliance portal. Incentive payments are based on each separate referral and will be paid by check or ACH to the company registered as the referring partner. Incentive payments will be made approximately 180 days after spending occurs on the New Client’s Global Commercial Services account. The amount of the incentive payment is based upon the estimated annual charge volume of the New Client’s Global Commercial Services account, to be estimated by American Express in its sole discretion. Notwithstanding the above, American Express has the sole discretion regarding acceptance of all referrals, including Qualified Leads. Additional terms and conditions apply. Visit https://partnerportal.americanexpress.com/aexp_pp_Terms_And_Conditions?type=PPlus&lang=en_US for details.

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