GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ - At a Glance – January, 2016

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GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment IndexOriginally posted on January 26, 2016

The GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™- Jan 2016 highlights how business travelers have a brightening attitude towards their overall trip experiences. Satisfaction with tracking expenses and company travel policies have helped boost the GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™, in partnership with American Express, by 3.3% to 98.2 in Q4 2015. This marked shift can be attributed greatly to the increased satisfaction in clearing airport security. More and more business travelers prefer to have an option to extend their business travel by a few days of leisure travel. They also remain interested in services that help streamline their journeys, such as the Transportation Security Administration’s TSA Pre✓® program.

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