Supply Chain Transformation: S&P 500 Case Study

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Amex_sp500_case_study_thumbnail_467x582Originally posted on March 7, 2016

This case study highlights how Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) from American Express is an effective solution to improve control over the supply chain payment process. Facing operational and financial pressures, corporate executives of an S&P 500 Company decided to invest in the company’s supply chain management practices. The team hired Linda Behan as Senior VP of Global Procurement to deal with an expensive, labor-intensive payment process that hampered cash flow and the business’s overall financial strength. Behan worked in close collaboration with American Express and introduced the American Express BIP solution. She saw an immediate opportunity to intelligently address payment terms, efficiency and cash flow that could help spark growth opportunities across the enterprise.

The company’s supply chain transformation was a success, making less work from the payment process and increasing the capacity to focus on what matters most. With Behan’s leadership and initiatives—including implementing BIP—the company shot past its original goal and saw a $100 million return in year one.