Grow Global Insights Series – Case Studies: Tips on Global Growth from Successful Exporters


Amex_Tips_on_Global_Growth_from_Successful_Exporters_thumbnail_660x370Originally posted on July 8, 2016

Entering global markets can seem daunting, but U.S. companies of all sizes have demonstrated success abroad and underscore the growth potential of exporting. This installment in the American Express Grow Global Insight Series features tips on global growth from six business leaders who expanded their B2C, B2B or B2G companies abroad. Each company entered international markets for different reasons, but all were driven by passion and rewarded with success. This report outlines “big rocks” of international sales – a set of best practices for companies just getting started in their exporting journey – based on interviews with the following veteran exporters:

  • Kat Cole, Group President, FOCUS Brands
  • Mihir Desai, CEO, Dexis Consulting Group
  • Randy Lebolo, Founder, Lebolo Construction Management
  • Zaheer Faruqi, President and Founder, Aventure Aviation
  • Tony Foley, International Director, United Franchise Group
  • Becky Ward, SVP, tvsdesign

In addition to sharing their company’s exporting experience, each business leader also offers valuable lessons learned and advice for other companies that wish to unlock their global potential.

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