A Healthy Solution for El Camino Hospital: Case Study

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El Camino Hospital is an acute-care, non-profit organization with two campuses and four satellite sites that provide both inpatient and outpatient care. They were looking for a robust and reliable payment solution that could provide greater benefits and growth opportunities than their existing system. While El Camino Hospital had advanced from making payments entirely with paper checks, the Accounts Payable team still felt their capabilities were limited. El Camino’s wish list included improved business process automation, better operating efficiency, and improved capital efficiency. In addition, they sought to grow the number of suppliers, payments and dollars processed. 

After reviewing a number of options, El Camino chose American Express’ Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) solution, which complemented El Camino’s existing ERP system. BIP provided what El Camino was looking for: streamlined technology that could be easily implemented and grow with the company. 

As the solution got up and running, El Camino came to see the power of American Express’ dedicated healthcare team. American Express healthcare payment specialists reviewed El Camino’s payables files and quickly determined who could be enabled, who needed work, and how to rapidly get suppliers on board. In two years, El Camino scaled from eight suppliers processing $8 million electronically to about 100 suppliers processing approximately $30 million annually through American Express healthcare payment solutions. El Camino reports that even with this amount of growth, they have been able to keep headcount to just 3.5 people in the AP department.

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