Preparing Your Travel Business to Meet Traveler Trends in 2020

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The travel customer continues to become more demanding, more educated and more tech savvy. As a result, travel agencies and tour operators need to become more nimble and knowledgeable to continue to meet the needs of future customers.

The higher spending, experiential traveler will have access to information and technology—and they will demand a higher level of services and products. Customers of the future are more likely to choose travel companies that protect the interests of travelers, understand their needs, use the same technologies, and understand their habits and buying patterns.

In response, travel companies will need to keep pace with the tools and technology to appropriately manage this growing segment of the travel business that places more demands on providers and packagers of travel services.

Watch this webinar that explores the trends that will shape travel and travelers for the future.

Panelists for the webinar are:

  • Mary Pat Sullivan, PhoCusWright, research analyst

  • Kevin May, Tnooz, editor and moderator

  • Gene Quinn, Tnooz, CEO and producer

  • Jessica Patel, American Express, VP of Sales

This prerecorded webinar was produced by Tnooz and presented by American Express.

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