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The American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card is a simple solution that can help improve process efficiencies, while providing employees and departments with a convenient way to make low cost business purchases.

Features & Benefits

Efficiency and Savings

Purchasing Cards can help reduce the time and money it takes to manage purchase-order spending.

  • It helps by decreasing the number of paper invoices and checks your company processes
  • It helps improve the procurement cycle time by reducing manual steps and approvals

Management Tools

Use American Express @ Work Reporting - a customizable tool that can help make it easy to manage program performance:

  • Program Management: View a snapshot of program metrics
  • Supplier Management: Identify spending trends and consolidation opportunities with preferred suppliers
  • Compliance Management: Identify out-of-pattern spending activities and policy violations

To enroll in @ Work please contact your American Express Representative or call 1-888-800-8564.


Customize spending options and assign Corporate Purchasing Cards to specific employees or departments to help drive program optimization

Streamlined Reconciliation

With the web-based Corporate Account Reconciliation (CAR) tool, you can:

  • Centralize your Corporate Purchasing Card spending
  • Gain a clear view of your maintenance, repair and operations spending across your business
  • Improve the allocation and reconciliation process by reducing manual data entry

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