Improve the way you manage expenses

With American Express and Concur1

Both is simply better.

Whether buying plane tickets or paying bills, with American Express and Concur, you could have one
integrated solution that makes it simpler to gain control over employee spending,
reduce the need for paper receipts, and save money.


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The benefits of American Express,
made even better with Concur Expense

Assess your program with
a fresh perspective

Joint clients using American Express Corporate Cards and Concur Expense gain exclusive access to our Program Optimization2,3 reports— detailing spend both on and off the American Express Corporate Card, and helping uncover ways to gain more from the American Express Corporate Card program.

Enrollment is required for Program Optimization reporting and is available only to clients who are both American Express Corporate Card clients and Concur Expense clients. +

Close Program Optimization

Program Optimization reporting provides a combined view of American Express Corporate Card spending along with other Travel and Entertainment expenses. Clients can receive quarterly reports highlighting spending detail by category, vendor and employee.

Gain more visibility into
employee spending

When employees can easily snap pictures of receipts to reconcile expenses, you can see expense details faster and can better see who’s spending what—making it easier to identify where and how to boost employee compliance to company T&E policy. +

Close Did you just make a business purchase?

The ExpenseIt Pro® app provides push notifications, giving joint clients of American Express Corporate Card and Concur Expense, the ability to reconcile transactions and create an expense report almost immediately after a transaction is made. It also prompts you for a picture of the receipt so you don’t have to worry about misplacing receipts.

Only joint clients of American Express and Concur can receive real-time notifications through the ExpenseIt Pro® app.

Discover new ways
to save

Program Optimization reports use client data to provide deep insights into spend, allowing you to identify potential savings opportunities with merchants.

1 All American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. clients with Global Corporate Payments products are eligible for Concur®.

To learn more about Concur, please leave us your contact information at and a Concur representative will reach out to you. You can also contact your American Express account representative, or call American Express at 1-888-800-8564 to be introduced to a Concur representative.

Concur program pricing, terms, and conditions will be determined during the Concur sales cycle. The fee for Concur programs varies and is established solely by Concur. Implementation is required and implementation times vary based on a client's configuration needs and readiness. For more information regarding pricing and implementation options, please visit Concur is responsible for all Concur program management and maintenance, all eligibility decisions, enrollment procedures and pricing decisions. If you have questions, please reach out to your American Express account representative or please contact American Express at 1-888-800-8564.

2 To initiate the enrollment process for Program Optimization reporting, the client must sign a letter of authorization and return it to their American Express representative. It takes approximately two quarters after the letter of authorization is submitted for the enrollment process to be completed and to receive the first Program Optimization report.

3 Program Optimization reports are available only to clients with at least $250,000 in spending during the quarterly reporting period. All joint American Express and Concur clients who don’t qualify for Program Optimization reporting have access to Concur Analytics.