American Express and SAP Concur

Improve the way
you manage expenses
and invoices

American Express and SAP Concur1 help you connect and manage all of your Expense and
Invoice payments in one intuitive spend management solution, giving you the control and
visibility you need to manage your spending proactively.

The benefits of American Express, made even better.

With Concur Expense

Simplify how you handle expenses for your
employees with your American Express® Corporate
Card and Concur Expense.

With Concur Invoice

Pay eligible suppliers using your American Express® Business or Corporate Card right from within
Concur Invoice by enrolling in the American
Express B2B Payments App.

Eliminate the Need for Paper Receipts.

Employees use the Card and get a reminder to snap a photo of the receipt.2 They upload it with the SAP Concur app and it’s automatically imported and filed into the expense report.

Save Time Through Automation.

With digitized workflows and automated payments you can streamline the reconciliation process. That means your team can spend less time chasing down approvals and paper invoices, as well as reduce manual
input and coding errors.

Reduce Time-Consuming Busywork.

Expense reports are automatically created and stored in the cloud so they’re faster and easier to complete and submit, and less likely to have errors.

Get More Control.

Since suppliers receive a virtual Card number that’s only good for the invoice and date you specify, your American Express payment provides added security.

Categorize Expenses Automatically.

Card expenses are categorized using your company’s general ledger and expense codes.

Increase Visibility into Spending.

Access key details on suppliers, transactions, and payments from the American Express B2B Payments App.

Save Money and Spot Trends.

American Express’ exclusive Program Optimization reports3 provide in-depth expense detail. With the detailed data of these quarterly reports, it’s possible to more easily spot spending trends and savings opportunities.

Gain Payment Flexibility and Rewards.

Make payments promptly, yet still get the benefit of having more cash on hand until your American Express payment is due. Continue to earn your Card’s rewards
like you normally would.4

Find out how you can power your payments with automation.

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Terms & Conditions

1 Users must subscribe to the Concur® Invoice service, then enroll their eligible American Express® Business, Corporate or Corporate Purchasing Card for virtual payments on the American Express B2B Payments App. Not all suppliers may accept American Express virtual payments. Users are subject to the terms of Concur Invoice’s Customer Agreement and fees from SAP® Concur® may apply. Refer to SAP® Concur® for Concur Invoice fees. To learn more, please contact your American Express representative.

2 The Program Administrator must enroll the company in Concur® Expense and ExpenseIt for Corporate Card Members to access ExpenseIt. Upon company enrollment, Corporate Card Members can access ExpenseIt directly through the SAP® Concur® mobile app on their mobile device. When logged into the SAP® Concur® mobile app, they will see an ExpenseIt camera icon on the bottom of their home screen. If this is not visible, they should turn ExpenseIt on directly in their Settings. Once turned on, ExpenseIt will automatically generate expenses from captured receipts.

3 Program Optimization reports are available only to Corporate clients enrolled in Concur® Expense, have 10 or more employees at least $250,000 in spending, and transactions occurring on at least 60 days during the quarterly reporting period. The reporting is available for each market or may be aggregated – please specify when contacting your American Express representative. To initiate the enrollment process for Program Optimization reporting, the client must sign a letter of authorization and return it to their American Express representative. It takes approximately two quarters after the letter of authorization is submitted for the enrollment process to be completed and to receive the first Program Optimization report. All joint American Express and SAP® Concur® Expense clients that don’t qualify for Program Optimization reporting may have access to Analytics from SAP® Concur®. For more information, contact your American Express representative.

4 Not all Cards are eligible to get rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.

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