American Express®
Corporate Purchasing Card

Benefit Terms

American Express @Work

Use of American Express @ Work ® is restricted to employees, contractors and/or agents that the Company, and its representatives designate for the sole purpose of performing online account queries and maintenance, including accessing and/or creating reports relating to the Company's American Express® Corporate Card programs. @ Work is available to all companies with an American Express Corporate Card program.

Enrollment is required. To enroll in @ Work please contact your American Express Representative or call 1-888-800-8564.

Additional Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here to learn more.

American Express @ Work® Program Alerts is a feature of American Express @ Work that is available to all American Express® Corporate Card clients. Use of American Express @ Work Program Alerts is optional and American Express does not charge a fee for its use. To activate American Express @ Work Program Alerts, you must be an active user in the @ Work portal. You may activate or change your alerts preferences at any time by visiting the Program Alert Settings page in the @ Work portal.

Corporate Defined Expense Program (CDEP)

To learn more about enrollment in CDEP, please contact your Program Administrator or American Express Account Manager. The decision to grant access to CDEP is at the sole discretion of American Express. The CDEP Card will become inactive after the earlier of: (a) the expiration date printed on the CDEP Card; or (b) the end of the day in which the spending limit reaches $0. The company will be liable for: (a) charges that are made prior to the expiration date, but which are submitted by the merchant after the expiration date; (b) charges that are processed by a merchant after the Card has become inactive; and (c) any other charges incurred in excess of or outside the parameters of the limits set on the account. CDEP Cards should only be used in the United States with U.S. merchants.