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Business Extra® Corporate Card

Best for businesses that frequently fly American Airlines and its partner carriers

corporate purchasing card

Corporate Purchasing Card

Best for providing businesses with a convenient way to purchase goods and services

Corporate Gold Card

Best for frequent business travelers who need to be productive on the road

Corporate Green Card

Best for core employees and occasional travelers

corporate meeting card

Corporate Meeting Card

Best for managing business meeting expenses

Corporate Platinum Card®

Best for senior executives and seasoned travelers

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Business Travel Account

Simplify T&E Payments with one centrally-billed account

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Buyer Initiated Payments

Automated push payments to suppliers can help improve control over the payment process

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Streamline the payment and reconciliation process, with specific controls for transactions

corporate cards

Corporate Cards

You can put your expenses—from everyday purchases to larger business items—on Corporate Cards from American Express. This spending capacity can help you take advantage of business opportunities and get rewards to reinvest in your business.

FX International Payments

Send international wire payments with our easy to use cost efficient wire payment solution. With FX International Payments your business can benefit from:

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • 24/5 Customer Support from an Account Manager
  • Robust Reporting
  • No set up/monthly fees1
  • If enrolled, receive Membership Rewards® points on eligible FX transactions2

OPEN Small Business Cards

American Express OPEN Charge Cards are designed to fund businesses in a big way. They can help give you the buying power you need to pay for large business purchases easily and conveniently.


A way to pay that goes above and beyond

American Express is welcomed by millions of merchants worldwide, helping you do business
across the globe.

Rewards for Your Business

Get rewarded for what you’re already spending on your business. You can use the rewards to reinvest in your business or offset business costs—or to reward yourself and your employees for the hard work you do.

Management Tools to See the Bigger Picture

Expense management solutions designed to give companies more control and a clearer picture of business spending.

World Class Customer Service and Support

Find ongoing support when you need it – we’re here to serve you and your employees with exceptional customer service and trusted account support.

Peace of Mind

Business owners benefit from no personal liability with our Corporate Card programs.

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