Using Your Card

Using Your Card

The Corporate Purchasing Card is specifically for business-related purchases – from office supplies to lab equipment to temporary help.

To help you better manage your budget, your Card may have pre-set spending limits – by month, transaction or for overall spending. Spending on the Card may also be limited to preferred suppliers and industries.

Remember that your company will pay the bill for this Card, but you are responsible for using it in accordance with your company’s policies.

You should talk with your Program Administrator to fully understand your company’s purchasing policies and how you should use the Card. Your Program Administrator also has the ability to make adjustments to spending limits. You should contact this individual to request any changes to your Card.

Simplified Expense Management

When you use the Card to make purchases, simply contact suppliers directly and use the Card to pay. There’s no need for approvals or sign-offs, which makes placing orders — and receiving deliveries — easier and faster.

Your Card’s monthly billing statement is sent directly to your company’s Program Administrator for payment, while you benefit from monthly Cardmember reports and anytime online access to track recent charges and simplify reconciliation. It’s that easy.

Locating Suppliers is Easy

American Express Merchant Search is an online resource that allows you to search for business-to-business suppliers who accept American Express Cards. The directory’s in-depth company information makes it easy to identify suitable suppliers and conveniently pinpoint their location on a corresponding map.

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