The Membership Rewards® program

The Membership Rewards program1 gives Cardmembers the opportunity to earn points redeemable for travel, as well as dining, and entertainment. Cardmembers earn one point for virtually every dollar charged on eligible, enrolled American Express® Cards. There’s no limit to the number of points that can be earned and points have no expiration date. To learn more, visit membershiprewards.com.

The Savings at Work® program

The Savings at Work program2, a program that enables companies to earn cash rebates and point of sale discounts on key expenditures, is an exclusive benefit of the American Express Corporate Card program. The Savings at Work program provides access to pre-negotiated discounts and savings up to 20% from top brand partners on travel, dining, and business services like shipping, telecom, and conferencing.

The Savings at Work rebate is automatic; simply use your American Express Corporate Card at participating merchant partners. Monitor and track your company's activity throughout the year, then receive the annual Savings at Work rebate check representing total savings earned. Discounts are easy to redeem when you go to savingsatwork.com. No coupons or special codes are required. To learn more, visit savingsatwork.com.

1. The Membership Rewards program: Enrollment required. The annual program fee to enroll a Corporate Card is $90. The annual fee to enroll a Global Dollar Card Corporate Card is $75. Some Corporate Cards are not eligible for enrollment. Participating Membership Rewards partners, available rewards, and point levels are subject to change without notice. Eligibility is based upon company’s participation in the Membership Rewards program. For full Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program, please see membershiprewards.com/terms.

2. Pursuant to the Savings at Work ("SAW") Program, eligible, active, mid-size corporate clients of American Express can receive an end-of-year rebate on qualifying purchases made with the American Express card at participating SAW partners. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. For more information, visit savingsatwork.com to get a copy of the complete SAW terms and conditions or consult your Program Administrator ("PA"). If you are a PA, please call 888-AXP-4444 (888-297-4444) for eligibility and restrictions.