Drive efficiency and savings
in your international payments

American Express’s virtual payment and Card-based solutions can
help you eliminate the redundancy and multi-step process often
involved with international payments.
Paying international suppliers has its challenges, but when you
can simplify the process, you can make the most of your supplier
relationships and cash flow.
American Express can help you streamline your international

American Express: An Effective Alternative to International Payments

Control: Eliminate errors and delays resulting from wire transfers, bank schedules and manual keying

  • Get full visibility of the payment process
  • Consolidate payments into a single process

Efficiency: Simplify multi-step manual processing of international payments

  • Cut down the overhead devoted to payment reconciliation
  • Get the goods you need to market faster
  • Reduce the time spent managing vendors
  • Integrate spending data into existing financial systems

Savings: Reduce financial costs associated with traditional payment methods while improving cash flow flexibility

  • Minimize F/X impact
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Consolidate spend information to improve supplier negotiations
  • Minimize prepayments
  • Leverage extended payment terms

International Payments Products

American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card - A New Level of Ease and Control to Your International Payments

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American Express®  vPayment - Reduce Risk of Fraud and Control Spend With a Single-Use Solution

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American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) - Flexible Payments to Help Improve Cash Flow

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