American Express®Buyer Initiated Payments

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Features & Benefits

Improve Working Capital

Using the BIP payment cycle makes it possible for your organization to manage DCOH as well as cash flow, with extended float up to 30 days. In doing so, BIP can also reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for your suppliers and drive savings to your organization.

Minimal Disruption & Easy Integration

Our solutions can be implemented quickly and easily integrated into your existing workflow while improving transaction efficiency.

Simplify Supplier Enrollment

Our team of specialists works with you throughout the enrollment process to help minimize any impact to your department and easily migrate suppliers to BIP.

Gain Valuable Insights With Spend IQ

BIP’s spend analytics service uses state of the art technology and predictive intelligence to deliver a strategy for payment process improvement. The actionable, long-term insights of Spend IQ include payment method analysis, invoice frequency assessment, speed-of-pay analysis and supplier segmentation.

Days Payable Outstanding: The number of days by which your DPO is extended will depend on when during your American Express Card billing cycle you charge a transaction to a supplier. The date the transaction is posted to your account, and the date you pay the amounts due on your American Express billing statement will determine the number of days you extend which may be less than 14 days.