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Program Administrator Tools

Meet American Express @ Work®
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Meet American Express @ Work®

Tackle day-to-day management tasks and quickly respond to major organizational changes using the powerful account management and support tools available through @ Work.

Track and Manage Spending

@ Work helps you complete essential program tasks quickly and easily.
  • Monitor Card Member Activity
  • Track Balances & Recent Charges
  • Request Credit Balance Refunds

Minimize Delinquencies

  • Send Payment Reminders
  • Complete Payments Online
  • Identify Delinquent Accounts
  • Monitor Delinquency Levels

Reduce Fraud Risk

  • Track Large Transactions
  • Review Purchase History
  • Spot High Risk Purchases
  • Suspend or Cancel Accounts Immediately

Respond Quickly to your Corporate Card Members’ Needs

  • Manage Card Member Account Details
  • Make Payments
  • Get the Support You Need

Card Member Tools

Online Account Access

American Express provides 24/7 online account access for Corporate Card accounts. Card Members can log on to:

  • Track spending, dispute charges1 and schedule payment for any outstanding balance at any time

  • View your monthly statement just 24 to 48 hours after it’s prepared

  • Set up and receive account alerts via email or mobile phone

  • Receive monthly e-mails that notify you when your statements are ready. Visit to get started

  • Help reduce the environmental impact made by you and your company with electronic statements

Card Member enrollment required at

1 Not all disputes are resolved in the Card Member's favor.

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