Partners Plus Incentive Structure

The table below details the incentive payouts for Partners Plus program referrals.
Estimated Annual Charge Volume Incentive
$0 - $249K $300
$250 - $499K $750
$500 - $999K $1,500
$1MM - $4,999MM $3,500
$5MM - $9,999MM $7,000
$10MM+ $15,000

* Estimated Annual Charge Volume is the amount calculated that your referred client is likely to spend in the first year. Applies to new accounts only.

“I have been an American Express Partners Plus member for about five years and it has been an extremely satisfying relationship. I trust the reps impeccably to describe the program and how it can benefit the prospects, and have never been disappointed when people I respect take the time to meet with an American Express representative.”

Linda Elliott
Elliott Connection (consulting)