Benefits for Your Company or Your Clients

Whether you are a CPA, insurance & benefits broker, or lawyer, your clients view you as a trusted advisor who can advise their companies if Global Corporate Payments products are a good fit for their business.

Benefits for Your Company

  • Eligible companies have an opportunity to earn financial incentive payments1 for referring Qualified Leads*

    *A Qualified Lead must meet the following eligibility criteria: (1) must not currently be an American Express Global Corporate Payment customer; (2) must not have been submitted as a referral within the last year through any internal or external American Express lead referral partner or program; and (3) must meet the eligibility criteria of a Global Corporate Payments customer, which require the company to have been in business for at least 1 year, have an annual revenue of $10 million, and must not be a sole proprietor. Notwithstanding the above, American Express has sole discretion regarding acceptance of all referrals, including Qualified Leads.

Benefits for Your Clients

  • Gain visibility into company and employee expenses with automated reporting tools that can help identify opportunities to save.
  • Improve cash management and increase efficiencies with the American Express B2B product suite.
  • Give your clients the power to choose rewards that work for their business. With the Corporate Membership Rewards® program2, your client has the ability to consolidate points from multiple enrolled Corporate Cards to quickly get rewards and use them to do more for their business.

Trusted Advisor Disclosure
1. The American Express® Trusted Advisor program is open to all companies and associations in the United States with a federal tax ID number, excluding travel agencies, that can refer companies engaging in business to business (B2B) payments to American Express Global Corporate Payments. Authorized officers of eligible companies and associations can enroll in the program as a referring partner at the Trusted Advisor portal, available at: Only Qualified Leads* referred to a Global Corporate Payments program account via the online Trusted Advisor portal can lead to a one-time incentive payment from American Express. An incentive payment will be issued if the Qualified Lead* establishes and spends on a Global Corporate Payment program account in the United States, within one year after the referral was submitted via the Trusted Advisor portal. Incentive payments are based on each separate referral and will be paid by check to the company registered as the referring partner or to the referred client, based on the referring partner’s choice. Incentive payments will be made approximately 90 days after spending occurs on the referred client’s new Global Corporate Payments program account. The amount of the incentive payment is based upon the estimated annual charge volume of the new Global Corporate Payments program account, to be estimated by American Express at its sole discretion. Notwithstanding the above, American Express has the sole discretion regarding acceptance of all referrals, including Qualified Leads* Additional terms and conditions apply. Visit for details.

2. Enrollment in the Corporate Membership Rewards program is required. Only the American Express® Corporate Green Card, American Express® Corporate Gold Card, and Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express are eligible to enroll in the Corporate Membership Rewards program. The Program Administrator is charged a $90 annual enrollment fee for each enrolled Corporate Green and Gold Card Member. A program fee is not applied for the Corporate Platinum Card®. A program fee is also not applied for the Program Administrator’s Corporate Card. Get one Corporate Membership Rewards point for every dollar of eligible purchases charged on enrolled American Express® Corporate Cards. Eligible purchases are purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of travelers checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents. If the Corporate Card Member is transferring from an existing Membership Rewards program to the Corporate Membership Rewards program, the Card Member will have 30 days to use any existing Membership Rewards points before they are forfeited. The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more about point value, go to For the full terms and conditions for the Corporate Membership Rewards® program please visit or call 1-888-800-8564 for more information. Participating Corporate Membership Rewards partners, available rewards, and point levels are subject to change without notice.