Successful Partnership

Ongoing engagement is the key to success in the Partners Plus program. If you devote the time to work closely with your local American Express representative, you’ll have a bigger win rate as you target key prospects and make warm introductions.

Here are some best practices for partnership with American Express:

  • Understand your clients’ needs and be able to articulate the value of American Express expense management solutions
  • Keep the message simple – don’t oversell our products. Let American Express do the heavy lifting on the sell
  • Concentrate on the overall value Global Corporate Payments can bring for streamlining processes and offering benefits
  • Remember that our most successful partners typically meet with their American Express representative at least quarterly. This is not a requirement, but regular meetings with a rep give partners an opportunity to discuss strategies and best practices, and to devise a plan that keeps leads flowing
  • Share your ideas. If you have something you’d like to try, by all means let us know so we can help you succeed
  • Know what makes a good lead. Realize that only clients with sales revenue over $4 million are eligible for Global Corporate Payments solutions. For more information on what makes a strong lead, see the How It Works walk-through.
  • People who are highly engaged with their local American Express representative have a better understanding of the program and submit stronger leads.

“Partners Plus turned out to be exactly what the name implied. They worked closely with us from the get-go and made it easy. It delivered beyond expectations not only for our organization but also for my member franchise new car dealers that chose to participate. Partners Plus was a slam dunk winner for us.”

Rod Alberts
Executive Director
Detroit Auto Dealers Association