Manage Expenses, Not Headaches

Improve your accounts payable processes with customizable supplier payment solutions to help meet your company’s needs

Electronic Payment Solutions

Business Travel Account (BTA)

Simplify T&E Payments with one centrally-billed account

  • Get a full view of air, rail, hotel and car rental expenses
  • Drive efficiency with a consolidated statement
  • Get additional data, which can help improve oversight of company travel expenses

‡Benefit Terms

Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP)

Automate push payments to suppliers to help you improve control over the payment process. With American Express, BIP can help you:

  • Improve working capital flexibility
  • Increase payment efficiencies
  • Support supplier enablement
  • Increase control


Streamline the payment and reconciliation process, with specific controls for transactions. vPayment can help you:

  • Enhance control while reducing errors
  • Reduce time spent on invoicing and payments
  • Integrate with your suppliers
  • Reduce fraud exposure

‡Benefit Terms

corporate meeting card

Corporate Meeting Card

Gain visibility to help manage your company's corporate meeting expenses

corporate purchasing card

Corporate Purchasing Card

Help improve your purchase and payment process from end-to-end

Your Business, Your Card

Explore our suite of Corporate Cards and design a custom program to fit your business




For Travel Companies

Learn about American Express payment solutions for the travel industry that can help improve payment processes between you and your suppliers.

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For Healthcare Companies

Learn how American Express can help your healthcare organization improve operating and capital efficiency.

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